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How to Prevent a Home Fire

Using your Raleigh movers to relocate to a new home is one of the most exciting times in your life; between the opportunity for your kids to make new friends, the chance to start a new job, and the seemingly endless decorating possibilities, it is no wonder why using your Raleigh moving company is just the fresh start you needed.

Unfortunately, amidst all of the excitement looms one thing that could completely derail all of your plans and hard work: a home fire.

Between packing, loading, moving, unloading, organizing, unpacking, and decorating, it is no surprise that fire hazards easily get looked over. Luckily, All My Sons Raleigh has been moving families to new homes for over 25 years and have picked up a tip or two on how to avoid a potential tragedy; protect your biggest investment with this guide on how to prevent a home fire.

  • The Basics. When it comes to preventing a home fire, there are everyday things you can do to protect your house, such as:
    • Blowing out candles before you leave.
    • Not smoking indoors.
    • Turning off halogen lights (which overheat easily) when they are not in use.
    • Installing electrical fixtures correctly.
    • Keeping space heaters three feet away from flammable items.
    • Unplugging appliances when they are not in use.
    • Not allowing your kids to handle matches or any open flame.
    • Monitoring your kids when they are in the kitchen.
  • The Holidays. Limited to a few times a year, All My Sons Raleigh movers will be the first to tell you that the holidays introduce a new spectrum of fire hazards. Unbeknownst to most home owners, your Christmas tree puts you at huge risk for a home fire; make sure to unplug your Christmas tree lights when everyone goes to bed at night, and when you leave the house. The Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, and other firework-ridden holidays keep firefighters busy as well; because of this, make sure your Raleigh moving company is unpacking fire extinguishers for your new home.
  • The Plan. The most important answer when asking how to prevent a home fire is to have a plan. Since the safety of your family is the most important, routinely check to make sure that all bases of the following home fire prevention plan are covered.
    • Regularly check smoke detectors.
    • Familiarize yourself with the layout of your new home, and then come up with a fire escape plan to teach to your kids.
    • Teach your kids that it is important to stay low to the ground if there is smoke, and not to touch metal objects during a home fire.
    • Invest in homeowner’s insurance and review the policy to make sure that home fires are covered.