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The Right Realtor Will Help You Find a Great New Home

Too many home buyers have experienced the frustrations of working with the wrong realtors. If you are making a move and want the assistance of a realtor to find a new home, there are some steps you can take to find a realtor who will represent your best interests. When you are at the point of packing up with Raleigh movers, you want the confidence that comes with knowing you have made a good purchase.

Begin by getting several recommendations from people who have recently purchased a new home. If they were pleased (or displeased) with their realtor, they can provide you with a lot of pertinent and helpful information. This one step can eliminate a lot of guesswork associated with finding a realtor through the phone book or Internet.

Your second step will be to ask potential realty agents for contact information of all previous clients over the past year. Ask those people how closely their asking price and selling price were linked. Find out how long their homes were on the market. Ask what they were pleased about with the realtor and if the realtor had any qualities that were particularly helpful or frustrating.

Next, verify the licensing of the realtor. When you look up the licensing, you can often find out if they are licensed, how long they have been licensed in the area, and whether or not they have received any complaints or disciplinary actions. You may also discover realtors who have received peer-awarded recognition. Those awards are a good indication that the realtor is doing a great job.

It is also important to check the credentials of the real estate agents. If you are in need of a realtor who specializes in high end property, senior living, or commercial properties make sure that the agents you investigate have the necessary credentials. Some of these areas of specialization include the Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, and the Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Just be sure that the person you work with is a Realtor with a capital “R”. This means that they are a member of the National Association of Realtors and is bound to work within a code of ethics.

Take a look at the agent’s current listings. You can find this information online, either at their own site or through a realty website. The Internet can be a useful tool as you seek background information about each potential realtor.

Finally, ask if you can take a look at some of the homes for sale in the local area. An experienced agent should be able to give you information about those homes from memory. Prompt the agent by mentioning a home in your area that recently sold or that is still for sale. Expect to receive some details about the property, positive aspects of the home and pricing, and more.

Your careful investigation will lead you realtors with plenty of experience and should expose you to enough qualified realtors that you can choose the one whose personality works well with yours. The work that you put into choosing a realtor can be rewarded when you find a comfortable new home within your price range. Before you contact your Raleigh movers, be sure to find the best realtor possible.