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Worried About Paying Rent or Mortgage?

The economy has gotten a little bit better compared to its low point 2 years ago in 2008, but according to an article on MSN, Americans are more worried now about making their rent or mortgage. According to a new poll from the Washington Post, 53% of Americans are very concerned or somewhat concerned that they might not be able to pay their home mortgage or rent. Back in 2008, when the economy was worst, that percentage was much lower, at 37% of American with similar concerns.

An economist featured on MSN, feels that the reason comes down to jobs. The unemployment rate is still very high, and people are afraid to lose their jobs and not be able to replace them so there’s good reason for these concerns. Because if they don’t have a job, there are more likely to be delinquent on their mortgage or rent payments.

Also there are more and more foreclosures taking place, The Washington Post says 2 million homes are on track to be foreclosed on by banks in 2010. This could also be leading to why people are worried. All My Sons of Raleigh found out that renters are even more concerned than homeowners with 70% worried to not be able to pay up their monthly fees compared to 46% of homeowners.

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