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Pack Your Belongings So That They Arrive in Perfect Condition

One thing that has a lot of influence on the success of your move is how well you were able to pack. You may be planning on doing all of the packing for your move or you might be packing up some select items while your Raleigh Movers do the rest of the packing. Either way, when you understand some of the techniques and supplies that professionals use, you can be prepared to keep your belongings as safe as possible, while also keeping them organized for easier unpacking.

One of the first tips recommended by Raleigh Movers is to pack one bag for each member of your household filled with the clothes, toiletries, and other items that you would use if you were heading off on a short vacation. Once those high priority items are set aside, then you can pack up and label boxes that you want to open first after you move in. This type of labeling and organization can help you to quickly find those belongings that you’ll need as soon as you have made the move.

Next, take some time to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ that you plan to move. This step will save you a lot of money if you plan to have movers pack up your belongings. If you are doing the packing, then this can save you time unpacking and is a great opportunity to weed out those things that have accumulated in your home. A move is a great motivation to clean out the clothing, books, toys, and gadgets that build up in most households.

Another valuable step which will mean a lot to everyone who helps you with your move is to keep the weight of each box manageable. Many movers will recommend keeping the weight of each box to about thirty pounds. As moving boxes get heavier, the likelihood of injuries will increase. The chances of tape seams ripping or box bottoms falling also increase when boxes are packed heavily.

Many people have experienced the shared phenomenon of the disappearing belongings. It seems that no matter how carefully items get packed up, something always seems to be missing when the boxes are unpacked. In order to try and limit your losses, tape together small parts like screws when you are dismantling tables and beds. Carefully label each box with the items that are inside and use plastic bags or smaller boxes to hold similar small items together.

The majority of Raleigh Movers will offer the supplies that you need for packing up your belongings. They can offer you wardrobe boxes, boxes for your technology, protective packaging for fragile items, and the tape you need to hold it all together. Hopefully, the moving company will also be happy to share with you tips and suggestions about how to pack your different belongings safely.

Labeling your boxes clearly is a great tip that will help you to keep your belongings safe, help you to load the truck appropriately, and help you to get at your belongings efficiently once you’ve arrived at your new home. Be sure to mark boxes as fragile when appropriate and to clearly label those boxes that should be opened first. Label all boxes with hazardous cleaners or chemicals, so that they don’t inadvertently end up in your toddler’s room. You may want to also label which room the boxes should end up in.

Visit with your Raleigh Movers for other helpful tips about moving and packing.