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The All in One Packing Schedule

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If you have a big move coming up, figuring out how to pack your items and more importantly when to pack these items can be challenging. Having the proper packing timeline that fits your family’s needs will ensure a smooth moving experience. The South Raleigh Professional Packers have put together an all in one packing schedule for your move to Raleigh NC!

8 Weeks Before Moving

During this time, we suggest you start the planning process for your move so can be organized before you get ready to act. Create a folder with all your move-related paperwork and writing down all information pertaining to the move will be extremely helpful. You will also want to start going through your belongings and decide on which items you will pack and which ones you wish to throw away or donate. During this stage, you can start researching moving companies if you wish to hire one and we suggest you ask family and friends for any references if they have ones.

6 Weeks Before Moving

If you are making the move on your own, it’s time to start purchasing the proper packing supplies for your items. It’s better to overestimate the amount of supplies you will need because once you are settled in your new home, you can always return the extra materials. Having to run to the store for more supplies will only frustrate you and slow down the moving process. You should also check in with your doctor to obtain copies of you and your family’s medical records and tell your children’s school about the approaching move.

4 Weeks Before Moving

During this phase, you should pack up your nonessential items. These are your belongings that you won’t need right after your move and they can be unpacked last. It’s very important to label all your boxes to avoid confusion and added stress in your new home. If you did decide to hire a moving company in South Raleigh NC, you should confirm the date, time, and details of your move during this time. Make sure to close out your utility services at your old home at four weeks before the moving day.

2 Weeks Before Moving

Now it’s time to start packing up the rest of your belongings in your household. We suggest that you go through your refrigerator at this point to throw away all expired food and other open items that won’t make it during the move. Leave the food contents that you know you will use during the next two weeks.

1 Week Before Moving

You are almost there! Our South Raleigh professional packers suggest that you contact your moving company one last time to confirm the details of your move. Now, pack a suitcase of all your essential items that you will need to use right away in your new home. Keep these items separate from the loading truck.

Moving Day

Congrats! You have officially made it through your packing schedule and it’s finally moving day. Once all your items are moved into your home, our South Raleigh professional packers recommend that you take inventory and make sure nothing was left behind.