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Navigating an Open House

Open houses can be a great way to find your next dream home. You can get so much information from open houses such as what the neighborhood is like, the houses values and also you might meet a realtor you'd like to work with. The right questions to ask during an open house can tell you more than just the basics like square footage and number of rooms.

You can ask whether the property has gotten some offers. That can give you an idea about the competition that's out there. The conversation can also lead you to knowing if the sellers have rejected offers, helping you craft a better offer if you are interested in the home.

Ask if the house has been in escrow. If it has and it didn't sell, it would be a good idea for you to know why. Reasons can include appraisal, home inspection gone wrong and so on. If there was an inspection, you can ask for those reports. This is all valuable information if you're seriously considering to put an offer.

How long has the property been on the market. This will help you gage your offer. If it's been a long time you'll know that the sellers are getting impatient. You can also find out if there's already been a price reduction.

Another question you can ask during open houses is the reason for which the owners are selling. You might not get an answer or a very generic answer. But if you do get an honest one and it leads to financial pressures, that will give you extra ammunition in the negotiation process. You'll know the sellers can't afford the house anymore, and they will probably accept a lower offer. Other reasons that can give you the edge include sellers having to move out of town, or they've already bought another place.

Ask if there are any liens on the property, including construction liens, tax liens or other claims like unpaid association fees.

Ask if the realtor showcasing the house has comparable sales reports so you can see what other homes are selling for in the same neighborhood.

Lastly, ask if there are any other fees of ownership besides the price tag of the home. Ask about association fees, additional taxes or home assessments. If there's a home association, you can ask for the phone number so you can call yourself and get more information. Once you find your perfect home, call the local Raleigh movers for a smooth move. We'll quilt pad wrap your furniture to protect them form damage during the residential move. We are backed by four generations of movers and have moving offices across the U.S. including Jacksonville, Maryland, Nashville and Oklahoma City. Our Raleigh moving specialists will help you with disassembling your furniture and reassemble them in your new home. When you're ready to move, call All My Sons of Raleigh.