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Moving with Jewelry

Packing for a move is the least fun part of moving. Making sure that all your valuable items are packed and stored properly can be a tedious task but it’s important to make sure that everything makes the move safely. If you’re getting ready for a move and need to know the best way to move with jewelry, our professional Raleigh movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage can tell you what to do when moving with jewelry.

How to Move Jewelry

Moving valuable items can be a challenge if you are not sure of the proper ways to pack. When it comes to packing jewelry, it’s not only about keeping your items secure, but also about making sure they don’t get tangled or damaged during your move. Our Raleigh local movers have created a guide for moving with jewelry to make the packing process easier for you!

1. Be Sure to Get Moving Insurance
If you are moving with the help of a professional moving company, you will want to make sure that you purchase moving insurance. Consider the total value of your jewelry when choosing the level of moving insurance you’ll purchase. It’s recommended to take out the maximum amount of coverage that you can when moving with jewelry and you may even want to consider purchasing additional insurance through a third-party company, to cover any lost or damaged items the moving company won’t.

2. Take Inventory
Our Raleigh residential movers recommend taking a thorough inventory of your jewelry before moving. This way if anything gets lost or stolen during the move, you know exactly what it is and how many pieces of jewelry you started your move with.

3. Separate the Real from the Fake
It is common to have costume jewelry mixed among t your valuable jewelry. However, when you are planning on moving with jewelry, you’ll want to separate the costume jewelry from the valuable jewelry. Valuable jewelry does not always need to be the most expensive, it can be the most important. You will want to keep these items with you during your move, instead of having them packed in moving boxes.

4. Purchase a Carrying Case
Your carrying case for your jewelry doesn’t need to be something large, you can use an old fish tackling box, or even an egg carton! You will want to choose a carrying case with sections so that your jewelry doesn’t get tangled while moving. Wrapping your jewelry as an extra step is also a great way to protect it.

5.Label Your Jewelry Boxes
Once you have packed all your jewelry in a way that ensures its safe travel and have looked into purchasing moving insurance, you’ll want to label your moving boxes containing your jewelry. It is not recommended to explicitly label what’s inside the boxes, as to not call attention to the fact that there are valuables inside. Rather, you can label the boxes with your jewelry after the location you want the movers to put the boxes. You can mark these boxes as fragile, so movers do not assume there are unimportant items like towels inside and simply throw the box.


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