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Why You Will Love Moving to Cary, NC

There are many reasons as to why someone would want to move to Cary, NC. To name a few: it’s rated the best place to live in North Carolina, the weather, and the fact that it’s also deemed to be the best place to raise a family. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage our Cary, NC movers are here to further encourage your decision on choosing Cary, NC as your next hometown.


What is Cary, NC known for?

Cary is home to notable restaurants, top-tier entertainment, an immense range of leisure and outdoor experiences and is one of the fastest growing cities in the South. So much so, it has tripled in size in the last 25 years. Creating a highly diverse community of people who love to call Cary home.

Not only is Cary an amazing place to live, it offers a top-notch school system. Education is a priority when it comes to families looking to relocate. Having exceptional universities in the area such as Duke, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State and many other excellent universities to choose from is also a plus. It makes Cary a dream come true for families.

Best Neighborhoods in Cary, NC

Cary is the most desirable real estate in the Triangle Area, thanks to the amazing amenities that It has to offer such as schools, community, and convenience. The homes in Cary may be less affordable compared to other sub cities in North Carolina. However, that shouldn’t stop you, there are many great cost-competitive neighborhoods in Cary to choose from. Our Raleigh movers rate the best neighborhoods that they have serviced:


2.MacGregor Downs

3. Preston

4. Copperleaf

5. Carpenter

6. Amberly

7. Cary Park

These are exceptional communities with tons of nature trails, dining spots and shops located within minutes of these neighborhoods.

How Far is Cary, NC from Raleigh?

Looking to change up your scenery? Cary, North Carolina is approximately 12.1 miles away from Raleigh. About a 15-20-minute drive takes you straight to downtown Raleigh.  While you’re in Raleigh be sure to check out the best restaurants in Raleigh to have a good time with your family or significant other. Cary is not far from other cities in North Carolina, by having everything nearby to choose from it makes it an ideal place to live.


Cary, NC is set right within the middle of it all. The education system is unparalleled, location perks, the desirability of the city have taken home prices to new heights making it a real estate property worth investing in. Being such a family driven community with such livelihood, it’s no wonder why many choose to relocate to Cary, NC. If you are looking to move to Cary, NC, All My Sons Moving & Storage has exceptional Raleigh local movers that can help you make the big move!