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How to Move Safely

Now that you’ve decided to move to Raleigh, you’re probably thinking to do a DIY move instead of hiring professional movers. Along with deciding to do a DIY move, you’re completing relocation tasks such as changing your address with different places of importance, making final payments on the new home, scheduling a Wi-Fi installation, and so on. Amongst a large number of errands to complete, your safety during the move is probably at the back of your mind. When doing a DIY move, you’re at higher risk of injuring yourself as opposed to when you hire professional movers. Our Raleigh movers can fill you in on how to move safely into your new home.

Sleep Well

Out of all the moving safety tips, our North Carolina movers recommend getting a good night’s sleep. You must remain alert and energized for the big day, and lack of sleep the night before can get in the way of this. Most likely, you’ll stay up the night prior to moving day trying to get as much packing done as possible, limiting the hours to sleep. You should try to avoid sleep deprivation in the days leading up to the move to Raleigh as it can lead to forgetfulness, low energy levels, and dizziness1 – factors that can lead to injury during your move.

If packing the night before moving day is going to be an issue, you can always hire our Raleigh packing services. The Raleigh movers of All My Sons are skilled in packing objects of all types and sizes, so you can put your full trust in our movers that everything will be packed on-schedule for the move.

Eat Well & Drink Up!

Maintain high energy levels by eating well and staying hydrated if you want to know how to move safely. At the start of the day, eat a well-balanced breakfast to help fuel you for the day. Keep snacks close-by throughout the day, like trail mix and protein bars, to maintain your energy levels. Failure to do so can lead to a rapid decline in energy levels, lack of concentration, and weakness. So, make sure to keep with your nutrition.

In addition to staying well-fed for the day, remember to stay well-hydrated. Take water breaks in between the heavy lifting, even when you’re not thirsty to ensure your body remains hydrated. Sure, you’ll make multiple trips to the bathroom during the day, but it sure beats the side effects of hydration such as fatigue, confusion, and dizziness2 – just to name a few. So, no matter what, drink up!

We Have Your Back So You Don’t Have to Break It

If you’re not able to do a DIY move to Raleigh due to a pre-existing condition or you just have too much to move, contact our team. We provide an array of relocation services such as auto moving, packing, and more to assist you in a smooth move into the new home. Contact us today for your free, moving quote.



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