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Moving to Raleigh in Bad Weather

With the big move to Raleigh just days away, life seems to be going by in a flurry as you’re catching up on relocation tasks. Such tasks may include shopping for new décor and furniture, finding out who to notify about your move to Raleigh, scheduling an installation with your home security provider, and so on. Once you’ve completed all that mountain of work, you open your favorite weather app to check the forecast on moving day. All of sudden, your stomach drops when you see that it’s going to be raining cats and dogs. Don’t worry, our Raleigh movers have got you covered and share different ways moving to Raleigh in bad weather is not only possible, but safe as well. 


Protect with Plastic

Usually, we wouldn’t recommend using plastic on account of the environment. However, when you are moving to Raleigh in bad weather, plastic can better protect your belongings from precipitation. When cardboard gets wet, it destabilizes the material and puts the valuables inside at risk of damage. With plastic storage pins, you’re able to keep the belongings inside airtight and dry. If you don’t already have plastic bins and you don’t want to buy something you won’t use later, you can also cover existing cardboard boxes in plastic wrap or large garbage bags to protect them from the rain. As an extra precaution, wrap the items inside the boxes with plastic grocery bags (you can finally use up that stash that’s been accumulating under your sink).

If you’re not up to the task, you can always take advantage of our Raleigh packing services. With the bad weather forecast in mind, our experts will securely pack your items using waterproof packing materials. 


Shorten the Distance

Tracking too much mud inside increases your chances of slipping as you move in or out. Therefore, gather all your packing load in one place by the entryway to keep the rest of the house clean. If you have a garage, that’s even better as you’ll have less of a mess to clean after you move.


Lay Down Cardboard

Cardboard is actually good for something when moving in the rain. Lay down cardboard pieces along the path between the back of the moving truck and the doorway. With the pavement wet from bad weather, you’re more likely to slip and fall than you are when you’ve laid down cardboard. 


Create an Assembly Line

Whether you’ve bribed friends and family with pizza to help you move or you hired professionals (or both), create an assembly line. One person can stay inside the house to hand over boxes while someone else carries it to the moving truck. This method will help the floors inside stay dry, keeps the ball rolling, and saves you time.


Moving with the Experts in Relocation

If moving to Raleigh in bad weather still seems daunting, feel free to contact our professionals to give you a hand. With over twenty years of experience in the relocation business, we can make sure your move to Raleigh will go smoothly, rain or shine. Call 919-957-9730 today for your complimentary moving quote.