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Making a Move to Raleigh Hassle-Free

The time has come and you’ve decided on a place to move. The destination you will soon call home is Raleigh, North Carolina. The attractions are many and the decision is easy because of what the area has to offer its residents. The Triangle Area offers world class educational opportunities, the Atlantic Ocean is to the east, Smoky Mountains are to the west, and the area is famous for its Southern hospitality. The employment prospects are many and there are ample opportunities for recreation. Making the decision to move to Raleigh was the easy part. Now you actually have to move. While hiring professional Raleigh movers can make the process much easier, there are things that you can do ahead of time to ease the transition.

No homeowner or tenant enjoys the prospect of having to pack up everything they own and move. Many times the excitement of starting a life in a new home is at least temporarily overshadowed by the dread of moving. The boring and mundane tasks that people put off until the end are the ones that can cause the biggest headaches before, during and after a move. 

To avoid the common pitfalls that frustrate people during the moving process it is important to be proactive. Once you are confident that you have a moving date the planning process should begin. Spending some time at the beginning to sort out your affairs will pay dividends in the end. 

Pair Down Your Possessions

Having a yard sale is a thrifty way to start the moving process and unencumber your load. This can be a great way to make a little extra cash while getting rid of those dust-collecting knick-knacks. Or you might opt to take a collection of things to a local organization that takes donations and reap a feel-good reward. 

Sort Out The Paperwork

Something else that is best taken care of early are the administrative details of moving. Plan to have your address changed at least two weeks prior to the move to allow for the change to fully take place. You can arrange to have mail forwarded to your new address. Around the same time it is also a good idea to contact your utility, water and cable company to alert them of the move and to schedule the cancellation or transfer of service.  It might also help you to contact credit card companies to make them aware of the change of address as it takes some time for the change to take affect and using your debit or credit card in a different zip code, if they are unaware, can be a hassle. 

Hire Professionals

Once the soft tasks are completed, the real work begins. An alternative to doing everything yourself would be to hire professional Raleigh movers to take care of your packing chores for you. You can rest assure professional movers will use sturdy boxes, lots of bubble wrap and tape, dollies for moving your heavy furniture, or whatever other appropriate equipment that your moving situation requires.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a company, staying organized is the key to moving success and lowering stress. Accurately label your boxes so you know which ones have priority status when you first move in. Having an idea of where you want furniture and furnishings to go before you move in can also quicken the pace of getting settled. 

There are people who will help you during this rewarding, but stressful, experience. Friendly Raleigh movers can make your transition easier.