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Raleigh Moving Checklist

Moving involves a lot of work. Not only is the actual moving day a difficult task, it’s also stressful getting all of your services switched and change of address forms filled out. You may be wondering what the best timing is for these tasks. Some things should be done weeks in advance, while some things you should wait until the day you move. Following a checklist will help keep you ahead of the game and keep you from forgetting anything important.

Weeks Before You Move

When you are a month from moving day, it’s important to give your Raleigh movers a call to make sure they are available on the day you are moving. Because summer is the most common time for moving, it may be hard to reserve Raleigh movers. The sooner you call, the more likely you will be to get them for the day you need. If you are moving out of the city, consider starting to do research on new pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and veterinarians. Read reviews online to find out who the best choice is. Get your last prescription filled and then have it transferred to your new pharmacy. Start packing the items in your home that are in storage, out of season, or simply not currently in use.

Days Before You Move

Fill out a change of address form at the post office. You can do it online if you prefer, just specify what date you would like to have your mail forwarded. Gather all of your important documents and items that you will need to keep with you during the move. Finish all of your perishable food items so that you don’t have to bring them with you. Transfer your money to your new bank, and be sure to retrieve anything you have out of safety deposit boxes. Buy disposable plates and silverware and pack up your kitchen. Pack a bag full of a few outfits and pack the rest. Arrange to have your electricity, water, and gas services turned off the day you move, also arrange to have them turned on in your new home for moving day.

Moving Day

Everything should be packed up and ready to go by this point. Pack a clear plastic storage bin of things that you will need that day. This includes things like toilet paper, tools, cleaner, disposable plates and silverware, toiletries, and your wallet. Once everything is put into the moving truck, make sure all of the lights are turned off, windows are shut and locked, and that nothing is getting left behind. Make sure you lock the front door as you leave. When you arrive at your new home, let the movers unload everything into your house. Take your time unpacking, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Start with the things you need most. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors, and enjoy your new home.

Moving involves a lot of different things, and it’s easy to overlook something, leading to stress and chaos later. To avoid this, make a checklist before you move to make sure all of your bases are covered. Be sure to include everything listed above on your checklist so you don’t forget anything.