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5 Ways to Make Moving During the School Year Easier on Your Kids

Moving can be challenging for anybody. But, if you have kids and are moving to a new place where they will have to change schools in the middle of a school year, this transition may be particularly difficult for them to handle. However, these five tips can help make this change easier and more manageable for both you and your children to deal with.

1. Prepare in Advance

Before all of your things are in boxes and the Raleigh movers you hired are loading them up into the moving truck, figure out which schools your children will be attending once you’ve settled in your new home. Then, get in touch with the teachers and administrators at the school and notify them of when your children will be arriving, any special needs they might have, and how each child feels about the move. Keep in mind that the teachers and administrators at your children’s new school are there to help make this transition as easy as possible.

2. Talk to Your Children

Each one of your children will have different feelings about moving. The trick is to find out what their feelings are in advance. Encourage them to share their feelings with you, what their fears are, and help them know that you understand and are there to help them through this time.

3. Get Them Involved

Once the Raleigh movers are done unloading your belongings, find out what activities are available to your children through their new school. For example, if one of your children is a soccer enthusiast but their previous school didn’t have a good program for it, find out whether or not their new school has a soccer team and do what you can to help them get involved in this activity. Helping your children get involved at their new school may help them feel like they fit in and find new friends much quicker than if they were to shy away from any new activities.

4. Help Them Make New Friends

One of the main reasons your children may be feeling down about the move is because they have to leave their friends behind. Find a way for your children to still stay in touch with their old friends, like setting up a pen-pal system, but also encourage them to make new ones. Setting up a plan for them to still stay in contact with their old friends may provide them with reassurance and comfort as they move to a new school where they don’t know anyone.

5. Stay in Touch with Teachers and Administrators

After your children have spent a few weeks at their new school, talk with their teachers and find out how they are adjusting academically and socially. While your children may seem fine when they get home at the end of the day, their teachers may be able to give you a better view of how the adjustment process is actually going.

Most importantly, remember that helping your children adjust may take a few weeks or even a couple of months. But, by following these five tips, you may find that they like their new school even better than their old one.