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Making Moving Easier for Children

You’ve finally closed on a new home and yours has been sold. You’ve hired your favorite Raleigh movers and investigated schools in the new neighborhood. Maybe you have tackled the big job of boxing up your household. As overwhelming as the move has been, and still seems, to you, it will be even worse for your children. They are affected a great deal by a move, but often don’t have the same reasons for excitement that adults have. In fact, children have plenty of reasons to worry about this transition. However, there are some steps you can take to make the move easier and more positive for your children.

One of the best steps to take is to settle everyone down for a casual family meeting, maybe over the children’s favorite dinner, and introduce the move to your children in positive terms. Explain the benefits of a new job and how it will affect the family. Talk about the reasons that you chose the job, what you know about the new location, and share other information. Provide plenty of time for your children to express their concerns, ask questions, and discuss their feelings. As you work to include everyone right from the start, your children will feel more control over the move and will hopefully share in some of the excitement.

Involve the whole family when it comes to choosing the new home. After you have narrowed the field to your favorites, take the children with you to see the neighborhood and walk through the homes. If the new location is too far for a drive, then look through pictures of the homes together. Talk about the neighborhoods, things to do in the new location, and share some of your favorite features of the homes. Allow each member of the family to share the things they like best about each home and any aspects that give them cause for concern.

Packing can also be very stressful for the kids, especially as you begin to toss anything that you don’t intend to keep. Some parents have printed black and white labels for children to color – affixing the labels to boxes as they are packed up. This is one way of providing your child with a better understanding of the process and a feeling of control even when they are packing up their clothing and toys. If you have chosen to have a moving sale, your children might be excited by the idea of earning some money, particularly if the earnings are earmarked for a special treat at the conclusion of the move. If your Raleigh movers will be doing the packing, explain the process to your children and speak to the movers if you intend to involve the children.

As the move progresses, you might want to sketch out some room plans. Let small children plan where their beds, dressers, and toys will be placed. If you choose curtains for the living room, take the kids along with you.  Involve children in the search for new furnishings. Provide a budget and let the purchase of new items be guided by each family member’s own preferences.

One final activity you might consider is to host a party with friends and family where you exchange addresses and phone numbers, schedule visits to the new home, and take photos of your children with their friends. Any of these steps that you can take before the Raleigh movers drive your off toward your new destination can help make the transition  more positive and exciting for your children.