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Tips to Lower Your Gas and Electricity Bill

As the months shift between hot and cold, you may notice an increase in your gas and electricity bills. If you’re like most, you’re interested in lowering your utility bills for gas and electricity. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Raleigh movers know how hard it can be to have children who are always wanting the AC lower or heater higher. Don’t forget the fact as well, they are always leaving the lights on when they leave the room. Below are some tips our experts have created to hopefully lower you gas and electricity bill next month.

Keep it Off During Summer and Turn it On When You Need in Winter

One of the best tips to lower your gas and electricity bill is quite simple and one you might already follow. In the summer months, try not using your AC as much and instead have fans or open the windows. Now if you live in a state that is known for unbearable heat, this may not be possible. But you can turn your AC up or off when you leave the house. When it turns to winter, only turn it on when you are absolutely freezing. Trying wearing layers first instead and having the proper clothing before you start running the heater in the house.

Wash Your Clothes by Hand or In Cold Water

Doing the laundry runs quite a high electricity bill and may be the cause of why it is so high each month. If this is a problem you are seeing on your monthly bills, trying to wash your clothes by hand. While it will take longer for the clothes to dry, you are not running the washing machine, wasting electricity and energy. If you must though use your washing machine, only use the cold-water function as hot water runs quite the electricity bill. You can even hang dry your clothes if you are able to, so you can save a few extra bucks.

Always Check Your Appliances Are Working

Appliances in the house that aren’t working may be running up your energy and gas bill. For a tip to lower your gas and electricity bill next month, check to make sure they are up to date and not broken or leaking. Try to do a monthly home inspection each month to ensure all appliances in your home are running efficiently.

Need Help When It Comes to Moving?

While these tips to lower you gas and electricity bill may help when you have home let our  help you first move into your home. Call today for more information and a free, no-obligation moving quote.