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Don’t Violate Your Lease

If you’ve recently moved into a rental apartment, or are renting directly from an owner, you want to make sure you read the fine print in the lease. You, actually, should do that before you have the movers transport all your things into your new residence. All My Sons of Raleigh reminds you that renting is very different than owning. Even though the space and house can feel like your home, it technically belongs to someone else and chances are there is a set of rules you have to live by in order not to violate your lease. Your landlord might have specifics about certain things he or she will allow or not.

The Raleigh local movers will help you locate some of the items you should double check on your lease agreement. Don’t forget, many rental leases are written by lawyers so they can be plenty of legal speak that can get confusing. It’s always best to ask and inquire with your landlord so that you fully understand your rights.
Check if you are allowed to have guests for an extended period of time. It’s okay to have someone crash on your couch for a day or two, but it’s a different story when you have a friend or family member staying at your place for months at a time. This affects the wer and tear of the rental unit and if your landlord rented the place to you only, he or she doesn’t expect you to have a roommate. Also, if you live in a condominium and have a condominium association to deal with, you might run into situations where you’re asked many questions about your visitor, especially when they need a key or access cards for all the communal areas of the building like the pool or fitness center, even laundry room.

Make sure you know what you can and can’t do regarding your walls. Can you paint the apartment? Can you hang art and photos which means you’ll be making little holes in several rooms? Can you apply wallpaper or even a new light fixture? These are all things that, if you don’t ask, can affect getting your deposit back once you leave that specific rental unit.

Can you work out of your apartment? Many individuals these days have a home office, working either part-time or full-time from home. If all this entails is a computer and a phone, that might not be a big deal. However, if this means that your getting packages at home on a regular basis, or if your rental unit starts to become like a storage space or if working from home entails more, the Raleigh moving specialists remind you to disclose your plans with your landlord. It might affect certain areas of your living space.