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Keep Your Fragile Items Safe When Moving to Raleigh, NC

If you’re moving to Raleigh, NC, you’re more than likely preparing to move items that may be more fragile than others; Items such as televisions, glassware, ornaments, mirrors, etc. To protect these belongings, you’ll need packing products to keep them safe from bumps and vibrations that typically occur during the transport process of your move. It’s important to consider how to box these items in a way that they don’t shift around, and can withstand movement from Raleigh movers. In order to alleviate the concerns individuals may have about their belongings, All My Sons Moving & Storage offers  Raleigh packing services that use special packing products to protect items that are more susceptible to damage in a move.

In a DIY move, people often use towels, clothing and other linen to protect fragile items. Although this is a method that can occasionally work in low budget moves, it’s always best to use the products that come with our Raleigh packing services. The reason being is that blankets and other soft linens aren’t designed for the moving process in which various things can occur to damage an item such as:

Vibration and shock – Boxes can occasionally fall on top of one another while in the moving truck.

Box Breakage – If quality boxes aren’t used during shopping for packing products, they can tear and cause the contents to fall to the ground.

Anyone moving to Raleigh will ideally want to keep their valuables in one piece. Rather than trusting your most valued possessions in the grasps of your old high school sweater, invest in the proper packing products such as packing peanuts and packing foam. Don’t make the mistake that many do by transporting your television without adequate protection. The cost of a flat screen television can run upwards of $1,500. That kind of purchase is not one that you want to have to make twice due to negligence.

For items that are packed in bunches, such as dishes, try packing them in layers. Items that are rattling around tend to break. Pack your fine china, glasses, ornaments, etc. in paper. Don’t be afraid to use an abundance of paper as well. The more padding used will ensure everything stays snug while being transported. Using a packing product such as Kraft paper, is important. Wrap each glass, dish, etc. separately. Items wrapped together will bump against each other and become damaged or worse.

All moving boxes containing fragile items should be marked in plain site as “Fragile.” This will allow your moving and packing service professionals or friends (if you’re doing a DIY move) know that these boxes require extra care. For loading these boxes onto the moving van, place the fragile boxes on top of the heavier boxes. This prevents the heavy boxes from falling and crushing your easily broken valuables during transport.