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Good Homeowner or Bad Homeowner?

With home prices so low these days, a large inventory of homes and great interest rates on loan, becoming a homeowner is very realistic for many more people in this new economy. Potential homeowners can be scoring all types of housing deals including short sales, foreclosures and good old low price tags. However, every homeowner knows that owning is not only about putting down the down payment and making your monthly mortgage payments on time. Owning a home means you're maintaining your yard, repairing things, upgrading rooms and so much more. The local Raleigh movers know that homeowners have a big responsibility to keep the value of their house in good standing. Not every person chooses to take care of their house the way they should. So the All My Sons of Raleigh ask, are you a good homeowner or a bad homeowner? How do you determine that?

How long do you leave your holiday decorations out? Are they out until the next year, or until the summertime? The local Raleigh moving specialists remind you that leaving your holiday lights past their due date can shorten their lifespan and turn them into a fire hazard. Plus, if you live in a gated community or condominium, you're probably violating the association's rules.

If you take care of you yard yourself, doing the mowing, planting flowers, do you just blow the leaves onto your neighbors yard? If so, the Raleigh movers suggest you purchase the right equipment to truly maintain your yard and curb appeal. Plus, you'll gain a friendlier neighbor. And speaking of curb appeal, make sure you don't leave clutter or trash around the outdoor area of your home. It's the first impression people have of your house, so the cleaner the better. The same rule works with snow removal. Keep your driveway clear throughout the winter to reduce the risk of slip and fall.

Do you have a pool? If so, do you clean it regularly and take all of the necessary precautions so that it's safe? The Raleigh moving specialists suggest you keep up with maintenance not only so that you can use it again next summer but for health reasons as well. A clean, chlorinated pool makes a difference. How about windows? Do you have any broken glass you haven't fixed? Any windows that need to be sealed? The All My Sons of Raleigh remind you that properly sealed windows help keep with the energy-efficiency of the house. During the winter months, you the heat won't escape and during the summer months your home will be nice and cool.

So are you a good homeowner or a bad homeowner? Maybe owning a home is not for you. Should you need to move to a rental unit, call the local Raleigh movers for professional services at a great price. We're part of the All My Sons Moving and Storage network that are backed by four generations of movers. So if maintaining and repairing a house is not for you, move into a beautiful rental unit and enjoy making your landlord do the work.