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Upgrade To Sell That Home

You want to list your house for sale but you need to make some upgrades first. How much money should you put in to enhance your property before selling it? If you spend too much, you may not get it back. However, by spending a little it may help you sell faster in a already crowded market. It's not easy to figure out exactly how much you need to invest towards fixes or upgrades, but All My Sons Moving And Storage Of Raleigh have a few suggestions on how to renovate without spending too much.

First you need to compare the prices with other homes in the neighborhood. If the property is worth $200,000 than 1 to 2 percent would be a good amount to spend on upgrades. The tough part is knowing where to start these upgrades. Here are a few suggestions:

Unfinished space. If your basement or attic is unfinished, consider finishing them. Buyers are always looking for more storage room that can also be turned into an extra sleeping room.

Closets. It's pretty simple to turn a big closet into an office space. Just clean out the closet add an electrical outlet, some shelves, desk and voila! You've turned a regular closet into a nice office space.

Bathroom. This can easily be remodeled for cheap. Clean out any black grout that you can find around the bathroom. If your toilet seat is scratched and outdated, simply buy a new one and replace it. The shower head looks scary? Go to your local hardware store and purchase a new shiny one. Installing a medicine cabinet is pretty easy and not expensive as well.

Lighting. Many people forget how important lights are to a house. If you have old light fixtures then it's time to upgrade. According to AOL.com, brushed nickel or bronze fixtures can make a great impact.

Walls. If you're walls are all scratched up, then take out a paint brush and paint them. Using neutral colors is always the best way to go because that's what buyers often prefer. An off-white or beige color is always popular so you should consider those.

Whether it's removing an old carpet or painting your walls, the small renovations you make will help sell your home much faster. If you're selling and live in the Raleigh, Texas area, make sure to call All My Sons Moving And Storage Of Raleigh to help you move. Our Raleigh moving company is staffed with professional movers that are backed by four generations of moving experience! Our expert Raleigh movers will quilt pad wrap all your belongings so they'll never get damaged. For an easy and pleasant move, call the Raleigh movers today!