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Home Improvements That Add Value

As you consider moving from your current home, or are looking toward buying a new house, current value and potential value are very important long term investments to think about. Buying a house is typically seen as an asset, and it is a potential part of a retirement plan. Having enough equity from one house to purchase an upgrade is one of the main driving factors that people consider as they make home improvements. From moving in, to calling Raleigh local movers to move you out again, your house can increase in value because of improvements you make to it.

There are some home improvements that are desirable and can withstand the test of time, and there are those that are trendy and may turn into a detriment after only a few years. Before you undertake a remodeling project or buy a house with an unusual new feature, consider how it could help or hinder its sale in the future.

Extra Bathrooms

Having more than one full bathroom is a great feature in small houses. Even in larger homes, it is more common to have a bathroom to bedroom ratio of 1:1. You may think that adding an extra bathroom to your house is a surefire way to increase its value, but that is not necessarily true. If you have to sacrifice a significant amount of space in order to add an additional bathroom that could be disadvantage to the house’s future sales.

In-Home Theatre

Another popular addition in modern home remodeling is a special movie screening room. These rooms will often have risers and a large projection screen that will make any movie buff jealous. A home improvement that is specific like this is a big risk. If your house is large enough to dedicate an entire room to watching movies, it may be a good investment. You should consider making as few permanent changes as possible. Instead of building risers, buy temporary lifts to place your movie seats on.

Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Making improvements to a kitchen is almost always a good idea if you have the money and the time. Creating a kitchen that is easier to use and more enjoyable to spend time in can save residents from the aggravation of using a range that is broken or being in a hot and stuffy, unventilated hot-box.

Since ranges and refrigerators usually stay with the home, you can turn your newly refurbished kitchen into a big selling point. Even if your house has less square footage than other homes in your area, you can draw potential buyers to it with a fabulous kitchen furnished with the latest gadgets.

No matter what kind of home improvement project you undertake, consider how well it will last. Will it only be a passing trend, or will it be desirable to potential buyers? If you made a poor choice in home remodeling, you may find that your home did not increase in value as much as you anticipated when Raleigh movers were setting up your bed and unpacking your dishes. Treat your house like an investment, and try to make only the best changes and improvements to it.