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Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, Gravy, and Cranberry Sauce…or Open House?

Are Thanksgiving Open Houses worth skipping out on a delicious, mouthwatering meal? All My Sons Moving & Storage of Raleigh does not think so.

Just think about the pumpkin pie and prize winning turkey, alongside several other savory side dishes waiting for you to dig into! You probably would not want to host or attend an open house either. Not to mention finding a real estate agent to hold an open house on a holiday would be next to impossible.

However, there are pros and cons to selling your home or looking for a home during the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you are looking to host an open house on Thanksgiving weekend, you may be on the right track. Of course that excludes Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, but Saturday and Sunday might actually be a smart time to attract home buyers that have some downtime. Just be sure to clean up, hide the leftovers, and keep the holiday decorations to a minimum.

On the downside, homebuyers have their attention focused elsewhere during the holidays...on their families. A majority of serious buyers postpone their house shopping until January. In the past, a majority of home sellers wait to list their homes until after the holiday season and after the New Year’s craze because shoppers are not only spending their money elsewhere, but they typically decide to make buying a new home a New Year’s resolution.

On the other hand, do not let the smaller market of holiday home shoppers discourage you, because those who ARE looking for homes during the holidays are doing so for a reason. There may be less prospects, but they are more serious buyers. If a home buyer is looking to take advantage of the low competition and home inventory between Thanksgiving and New Years to avoid the peak home buying season that comes shortly after the New Year has begun, your open house could be a huge success. Home buyers that are also looking to relocate closer to their families will also use their holiday vacation time to check out the neighborhood and surrounding area WHILE they are already in town.

All My Sons of Raleigh recommends that you enjoy the holidays and the great home cooked meals, and save your open house for after the New Year. However, if you are interested in the smaller competitive market, you can use the few weeks in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas to have or attend an open house.