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9 Things That Make a Neighborhood Great

Now that you are in the market for a new home, you may have noticed the difference between your old home and the home that you have your eye on. Overtime, we become accustomed to our home and our neighborhood and we may not see what our neighborhood lacks until we venture into a new one in search for a new home.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Raleigh wants to remind you that you are not just buying or renting a home, you are buying into the neighborhood as well. Sure the home LOOKS great, but is the neighborhood great?

Our professional movers have been moving families like yours for over 40 years and not all neighborhoods are created equal. Although there is no such thing as a perfect neighborhood, depending on your lifestyle and your unique needs, there might just be the ‘perfect’ neighborhood for you.

If you are house hunting, All My Sons of Raleigh wants you to keep in mind these 9 ideal neighborhood traits:

1.       Lifestyle Match

The perfect neighborhood for you is one that suits your lifestyle. Meaning that a cookie-cutter suburban neighborhood in a gated community may not be the perfect match for a single 20-year-old. Both renters and homebuyers gravitate towards areas with similar demographics, so make sure that you look for a neighborhood that is right for you.

2.       Low Crime Rate

The lower the crime rate the better. Crime rates are a quick way to tell if the neighborhood you are interested in is good, bad, improving, or not.

3.       Great Schools

Whether you have children or they are in your future plans, a great school system should be a top priority for renters and homebuyers. Also, the school ratings can greatly reflect on the type of neighborhoods that are located in the area. Not only are great schools good for you and your family, but having a home in a neighborhood that is in a good school district makes real estate more valuable and keeps property values strong.

4.       Outdoor Amenities

Being close to amenities such as parks, trails, water, and other outdoor activities will make the neighborhood even more appealing to you and in the future if you sell it. Having parks within walking distance is also great for families with children, as they can easily walk to the park with neighborhood friends.

5.       Family Friendly

Families are typically drawn to neighborhoods with children. A family friendly neighborhood means that your kids will have a better chance at making friends within the proximity, and will be able to socialize and play with ease. It also helps with the moving transition for your child.

6.       Public Transportation

Public transportation is a great commodity for a neighborhood, renters, and home buyers. Whether you are in your 20s, 40s, or 80s, public transportation is a plus.

7.       Nearby Stores

Realistically, no one wants to make a long trek for a loaf of bread or to pump gas. Having a neighborhood that is located near shopping and restaurants is a must. If you are looking to live in the city, this may not be much of a concern. However, in suburban neighborhoods everything is typically a car ride away.

8.       Entertainment

Even if you are settling down and having kids, you are never too young to enjoy yourself. Making sure that there is a nearby town center that has a movie theater, bars, restaurants, and some nightlife for you to enjoy or entertain any out-of-town visitors.

9.       Walkability

Speaking of having things in close proximity, being able to walk to markets, shops, restaurants, parks, and other venues will make home buyers fall head over heels for a neighborhood. The overall atmosphere of the neighborhood will be more pleasant if people can avoid traffic and enjoy a nice walk into town.