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How to Get Involved in Raleigh’s Community

If you have just moved to Raleigh and you are looking to embrace the authentic southern hospitality and get involved in your new community, Raleigh movers suggest volunteering in your new community. Here are some useful steps from the moving crew at All My Sons Raleigh, to determine if volunteering is right for you and how to get started in the local Raleigh community.

  1. Consider why you want to volunteer. You should ask yourself what you intend to gain from volunteering. Volunteering by definition means that you will not be getting paid for your services, but that is not to say that there is nothing to gain from giving back. When you ask yourself ‘why?’ it will help you determine what type of volunteering is right for you. Do you want to help animals or feed the homeless? Or do you prefer to help set up and work a local festival? Maybe you want to work in the community garden like Raleigh movers do.

  2. Choose an organization that means something to you. After you are settled in from your move to Raleigh and have decided where you would like to work, do some research and find a nonprofit community that is right for you, in the realm of volunteering that you desire. Organizations exist for all sort of purposes, so take the time to think about the right direction for you. After all, you should enjoy volunteering.

  3. Look for organizations in your Raleigh community. You should choose a volunteer program from your new neighborhood, especially if you already have commitments around your Raleigh home. Working in your new neighborhood will create a sense of pride and connectivity to your new home, as well as help you make friends among the locals. A volunteer organization within your neighborhood, is also a way for your children to make friends after moving to Raleigh.

  4. Start small, especially if you have a busy schedule with work and kids. If you take on too much too soon, then volunteering in Raleigh can actually become counterproductive and make you unsatisfied, since you were unable to fulfill over-ambitious desires to commit. You can always add more to your plate once you have established balance in your new lifestyle and home.

  5. Get to know other people from your Raleigh volunteer community. Talk to local group leaders and other volunteers about their experiences, and you will pick up some good tips to make your work there more productive and meaningful. Let the group leaders get to know you, they will be able to direct you to projects better suited for your individual needs.

  6. If there is one major piece of advice that Raleigh movers have for those who have relocated to the area and are looking for volunteer opportunities, it is to HAVE FUN!