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DIY Holiday Wreath Ideas for Your New Raleigh Home

Making a move to Raleigh during the fall or winter months may have you rethinking your holiday decorating. Whether you are looking for simpler ways to make your home look festive during the holiday season, or you are just ready to start fresh in your new home, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Raleigh has some great ideas for DIY holiday wreaths. These fun and creative pieces are so unique, they will have guests and neighbors asking you for holiday decorating advice next season!

Chalkboard Message Board Wreath – Frame your favorite wreath this year with a chalkboard message board. Tie the wreath over the middle of the message board with a thick red ribbon. Write a seasonal phrase on the message board around the wreath to theme the piece for the holidays, such as “Happy Holidays” or “Joy to the World”.

Wine Cork Wreath – Put those wine corks to use after moving to Raleigh and create a fun and festive wine cork wreath for the holiday season. Head to your local craft store and buy a wire wreath in your desired size (make sure you have enough corks to go around a larger wreath size). Using a hot glue gun, glue corks onto the wire wreath and use fake red cranberries in between each cork to space them out. Tie a red or green ribbon around the top of the wreath to hang it in your new Raleigh home.

Felt Ball WreathRaleigh movers suggest this activity as the perfect holiday project for your kids to stay occupied while you finish up unpacking after moving to Raleigh. All you will need is Styrofoam wreaths, glue and a large bag of multi-colored felt balls to keep your kids entertained for some time. Encourage them to fill their wreath up with as many felt balls as possible and once they are dry, hang them on a wall in your home. The felt ball wreath will be a great conversational piece and make your kids proud about something they’ve created since moving to Raleigh.

Cardboard Tube Wreath – Wondering what you should do with all those left over wrapping paper, paper towel and mailing tubes? Create a unique cardboard tube wreath! Place a salad plate face down on a table to use as your guide. Using the tubes cut into 2 inch pieces, start to arrange the tubes around the plate and glue them to each other where their cardboard sides meet. Keep working your way outwards around the centered plate until you have a tube wreath that is the size you desire. After the cardboard tube wreath has dried, tie a ribbon to the top of it in order to hang it.

Snowy Wreath – If you are wanting to create a white winter wonderland in your new home after moving to Raleigh, consider frosting your old holiday wreaths. Using a can of white spray paint, spray any faded or old wreath including its embellishments. After a light coat of white spray paint, your dated holiday wreaths will look like they’re been hit with winter’s first patch of powder snow and rejuvenated.