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How to Close on a Home Fast

Closing can take a long time these days, but with the right support behind you things can go a little faster. When choosing a real estate agent, try to get someone that can manage various processes of buying a home. The local Raleigh movers suggest getting someone who can follow through with the entire journey, from showing you homes, to giving you referrals on professional movers and insurance companies and someone who has had previous success. A realtor who's experienced can definitely shave off some time on the closing of the house, especially if they're connected with lenders and a big network of people in the real estate industry.

The All My Sons of Raleigh suggest you read your documents 24 hours before you close on your future home. Just sign all the upfront paperwork as soon as possible and view some of the documents in advance like the HUD 1 settlement statement. This document lets everyone review the required costs and fees, so you'll save time by checking for unexpected fees. Plus, if you have any questions, you'll have answers before you actually sit down and close. Don't forget your certified check, not your personal checks. You can even ask your escrow company if they prefer a wire transfer or another method of payment. This will allow you to save as much much as two weeks on your closing because the funds would be certifiable.

The local Raleigh movers remind you to do all of your inspections and negotiate the repairs prior to the closing. Get your insurance early on, preferably on the same day your escrow is opened. Think about additional coverage too, like flood insurance. Make sure your escrow officer gets your insurance broker's contact information and remember your coverage won't go into effect until own the home. The Raleigh movers recommend responding fast to requests for more information. If you drag, the process will drag.

When you're ready to move into your new home, call the Raleigh movers for a professional move. We'll take care of all the details and even quilt pad wrap your furniture for maximum protection. All My Sons of Raleigh is part of the All My Sons Moving and Storage network so we're backed by four generations of professional movers. With the local Raleigh moving specialists you can count on an affordable moving quote and a stress-free move.