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Simplify Your Move by Choosing the Right Movers

When it comes to hiring a moving company, you’ll want to shop around for the best Raleigh Movers with the same focus that you put towards hiring a dentist or finding childcare. After all, you will be entrusting the movers with the majority of your possessions. Whether you intend to do much of the packing yourself or have the movers handle everything from start to end, your choice in movers can have a strong influence on your state of mind during this time of transition.

The first step in finding the right movers to hire is to start researching the many names that you get in the mail or your friends and neighbors share with you. You can check each name out on popular Internet social media sites or by checking with their local Better Business Bureau. If you are getting a personal recommendation, then take some time to ask that friend or family member specific questions about the type of service they received and how the movers handled the move.

Your next important step will be to contact some of your choices and get an estimate from each of them. The movers probably won’t be able to give you an accurate estimate unless they have taken the time to visit you in your home. When the moving company representative comes to your home, be sure to show them any basements, garages, or attics that they’ll be working in and point out any belongings that you want to have treated with special care. Keep in mind that most Raleigh Movers and movers in other parts of the country will charge extra if you want them to work on holidays.

Find out if the movers will pack up your belongings and if they will provide you with any of the packing supplies that you need. Many people choose to have their movers handle the entire move, while other people prefer to save money by doing their own packing. Either way, you might find that obtaining clean, sturdy boxes from the moving company is easier than trying to hit up the grocery stores around town. You might want to eliminate any movers that aren’t willing to provide you with supplies and tips about how to do your own packing.

Find out about any insurance that the Raleigh Movers can offer you. Even with careful packing, chances are good that something will get lost or damaged. Movers often provide one or more insurance options to cover any losses.

Finally, compare the rates and services of your final choices. In some cases, one mover may be willing to slightly adjust their prices in order to get your business. The key to getting a price adjustment is to be sure that you are comparing companies which are similar in size, service, and caliber.

As soon as you have made your final decision, call that moving company, so that you can reserve the dates that you intend to make your move. It could be very frustrating to go to all of that work to choose the best Raleigh Movers, only to find out that they are already taken for the dates that you’ll need them.