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Kid-Safe Tips For Your Home

Homes can be dangerous for small children. Safe Kids USA says that every year, around 2,096 children in America die from suffered at home. With the help of MSN, the Raleigh movers are going to help you be aware of trouble spots at home and offer tips on how to make the environment safer.

Installing a window guard is the first piece of advice. Safe Kids USA says that every year, falls from windows kill 12 children younger than 10 years old and injure 4,000 others. They also say that fatal window falls declined by 35% in New York after the law required window guards.

Adding a gate to the staircase is the next tip to making your home safer for your children. This will help prevent falls. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing the gate at the top and bottom of the stairs. Safe Kids USA says that each year about 103 children die from falls.

Placing locks and knob covers on ovens and kitchen drawers can also help. It will help keep toddlers from opening or activating the burners.

To prevent scalding from hot tap water in the kitchen or bathroom, as a parent you can set your thermostat on the water heater to 120 degrees. For extra safety or if you don’t have access to the thermostat, you can install special faucets and shower heads that shut down when the water gets too hot.

Smoke alarms should be working. Every bedroom should have a smoke alarm along with common areas close to the kitchen. The National Fire Protection Association says that around 3,000 people die every year in the US because of fires and children younger than 5 years old are 1.5 times more likely to die in a home fire.

Install bumpers on sharp edges such as coffee tables. These sharp edges are dangerous because they can create puncture injuries. So look around your home, locate the corners and pad them.

Watch out for cords. Place cribs away from windows, or better yet have cordless window treatments.

Cover electrical outlets to reduce the risk of shock. Remember, younger children like to poke and touch things.

The Raleigh moving specialists hope that this article helps you proof your home so you can keep your entire family safe. Remember us the next time you need to move. We have countless years of moving experience including residential moves, commercial moves and long distance moves.