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All About House Deeds

If you’re thinking about moving out and buying a new home, you’re probably hearing a whole new vocabulary these days. Real estate does have its own glossary and it’s important that you understand the language so you can make informed decisions along the way. The home deed is a word you’ll certainly hear a lot of, the signed home deed is the instrument that will actually transfer the ownership of a specific house to you. This transfer of ownership is called a title. The deed is a legal document that is signed by the home seller and many times by the buyer as well. Most times, this deed is recorded with the county’s recorder office where the house is actually located. A notary is also involved to authenticate the signatures.

The Raleigh local movers learned that there are a few different deeds, with the warranty deed being the one document that would protect the home buyer mostly. This type of deed says that yes in fact the seller has the title to the property and has the right to sell it and transfer it to the buyer. A quitclaim deed on the other hand is the riskiest one of all. This document offers no warranty to the buyer. When you look over the deed, you have to make sure that the written verbiage is correct. Make sure the seller’s name is spelled correctly as well the buyer’s name. If there’s a space for addresses next to the names, then they should appear correctly. There will also be a legal description of the property in question. This will include a lot number and address. The local Raleigh moving specialists remind you that in order for the deed to be valid, the legal document has to be accepted by both parties, the home seller and home buyer.

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