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All About The Moving Industry

The moving industry has a wide variety of moving businesses from large multi-national companies and mom and pop moving operations to van lines and rental trucks. All My Sons of Raleigh is part of a large network of family-owned but independently operated moving companies across the U.S. You’ll find our All My Sons moving and storage offices in Nashville, Salt Lake City, Birmingham, Jacksonville and many other places. Our professional movers have experience across multiple types of moving, from residential moves to commercial moves and even long distance moves.

All My Sons Moving and Storage also takes part in giving back to the community with multiple pro bono projects to enhance our communities lives and help when we can. All My Sons also helps its customers score moving boxes, moving kits and read up on informational articles like this one so they can have a smooth moving day.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the moving industry in the U.S. is made up of 8,100 companies operating at 17,000 locations helping residences and offices to move successfully. The association states the industry employs 122,600 people. AMSA says its mostly composed of 47.8% of companies that have 5 people or less and 8.5% of companies that have 100 employees or more. Some moving companies work across state lines so they’re licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The AMSA says that in 2010, 69.9% of revenue within the moving industry came from local or long-distance transportation service, 20.2% came from warehousing and storage services and 7.5% from packing and packaging services.

In 2007, the AMSA states , there were 800,000 moves done by professional movers, 1 million done by consumers with one rented truck and 1.2 million moves that were unassisted. Reasons for moving were also investigated with a report saying that 30.5% of people moved for a larger and better home. 16.9% moved to establish their own home, 10.6 of moves were family related, 6.6% were renters becoming homeowners and 3% of people moved because of loss of spouse.

In 2009, AMSA found that 10.5% of Americans moved within the same state, 1.56% moved to a different state and 0.36% moved to another country.

Whatever your moving situation, make sure you move with a professional and reputable moving company like All My Sons of Raleigh. Our experienced moving crew will make sure your delicate household items are protected with quilt pad wrapping and help you with disassembling your furniture and reassembling it.

Good luck with your next move!