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Best Moving Apps in 2019

After you decide to move to Raleigh, it’s time to get everything in order for a smooth move. This may include booking our North Carolina movers for a hassle-free move into your new home, scheduling a Wi-Fi installation, changing your address on important documents, and so on. Nevertheless, you can make the process much easier with certain apps to help with the moving process. Our Raleigh movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage share some of the best moving apps in 2019.



If you haven’t yet decided on a new home in Raleigh, Zillow [1] is the perfect app to add on your moving checklist. With thousands of house and rental listings across the nation, you’ll be sure to find the perfect home sweet home in Raleigh. The app also offers plenty of resources for home buyers, renters, and other information adhering to the current mortgage rates. In addition, you get a real-time walk-through of your prospective neighborhoods, giving you the overall feel of your new home.



Arrange furniture ahead of time with Magicplan. [2] When opened, this app allows you to record the dimensions of the home as you walk around. Magicplan creates an augmented reality of the floor plan, letting you virtually arrange furniture on your phone. The app also features 3D models, virtual tours, and site surveying.


Packing is a tedious task no one looks forward to, so make it easier on yourself by downloading Sortly. [3] As one of the best moving apps in 2019, Sortly helps you with last-minute with packing by creating labels for boxes and categorizing items by rooms.


If Sortly doesn’t do the trick, you can always opt for our Raleigh packing services since our trained movers will be more than happy to take the tedious task off your hands. Our North Carolina movers are specially trained in packing all types of items using quality packing supplies, giving you the peace of mind knowing your valuables are in the care of the experts.


Moving with the Experts in Relocation

If you’re stressing about your upcoming move to Raleigh, there’s no need as our trusted movers have your back. For over twenty years, our Raleigh movers have helped families and businesses move across the country, giving us the experience you’re looking for in a reliable mover. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote. Happy Moving!




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