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Things to Do Before the Movers Arrive

Tips to Prepare for Your Professional Movers

There is so much information out there about what to do before the move, but what about the actual day of the move? How does one properly prepare before the movers arrive? Our Greensboro movers share their tips on things to do before the movers arrive on moving day.


Clean Your Home

A clean home is an ideal environment for professional movers to work. Start by decluttering your home with any potential hazards that the movers may trip on. Chargers and electronics should be unplugged from the wall and stored in an essentials bag, out of the way. Throw out the garbage you have from the day before so there isn’t a confusion about whether a bag is trash or full of your belongings like clothes or bed linens. Just know that your professional movers will be walking all around the house and hauling heavy objects, probably quickly to ensure the job gets done in a timely manner. Thus, clearing the pathways around the house and to the moving truck is one of the most helpful things to do before the movers arrive to avoid potential injuries.


Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

On the day of the move, there will be a lot of commotion. On one hand, pets and children may be scared, but on the other hand, they can be really excited and get in the way or they’ll be a distraction, slowing down the moving process. To avoid this, entrust a friend, family member, or neighbor to watch over them, away from the commotion, while the movers are loading up the truck. This way you can focus on assisting the movers and managing the moving process.


Boxes on the Moving Truck vs. Your Personal Vehicle

Before the movers arrive, you may want to either stow away the items you don’t want on the van or hide it from the professional movers. Once the moving company arrives, they will start picking up boxes and clearing things in quickly. You may not even realize you didn’t want a a certain box with important documents moved or your essentials bag. Think about what you want on the moving van and the things you’d prefer to take in your own vehicle during the move. The items items you want to take on your own should be completely separate from everything else to make it clear you don’t want them on the moving truck.


Group Moving Boxes

Another effective thing to do before the movers arrive is to group all the moving boxes together, preferably by the front door or the garage. This will help your professional movers work more efficiently and therefore the moving process will go a lot faster.


Prepare Payment & Tips for the Movers

There will be so much that happens on the day of the move that the last thing you want to happen is that you forget to arrange for payment. You also don’t want to be charged for hidden fees or extra charges. Not only should you confirm the agreement with your moving company, but you should make sure you have paid the amount required by the date of your move. Don’t forget to tip your local Greensboro movers or the Greensboro long-distance movers for the excellent service they provided.


Hire a Trusted Moving Company

Of course, another thing to do before the movers arrive is to make sure they are licensed and secured to handle your most prized items. Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage all of our professionals have gone through an extensive background check and are certified and skilled to handle any move. Call today to learn more about our affordable pricing.