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What To Do in Greensboro NC Your First Time Around

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Greensboro is one of the jewels of the Carolinas, and if it is your first time moving to Greensboro or if you are just visiting you need to know some of the best things Greensboro activities there are to experience. The best movers in Greensboro, over at All My Sons Moving & Storage, have made this guide on what to do in Greensboro NC if you’re new to the city!

What are The Must-See Greensboro Attractions? 

What is there to do in Greensboro NC if it's your first couple of days here and you want to soak up the history and culture of our lovely city? Stop by some of these expert-recommended hotspots to learn a bit more about your new city!


Greensboro has no shortage of museums, so if you are a history or science buff you’ve chosen the right place to call home! The Greensboro Museum of History teaches visitors about the history and importance of Greensboro and its surrounding area, the best part about this is the price point. It’s Free! But if you are of a more scientific mind then feel free to pop over to the Greensboro Science Center where for an affordable price you can see some of the most amazing natural and man-made wonders on the planet! 

There is no shortage of what to do in Greensboro when looking for a museum. These are just two of the several museums that call Greensboro home!

Monuments and Murals

Greensboro’s culture is similar to American culture, meaning it is constantly changing and adapting to new times and people moving in and adding a bit of new personality to the city’s ambiance. The monuments, which date back to the Civil War era, represent the past of Greensboro; proud and beautiful. Add with the influx of new residents with unique stories and cultures and you get the Greensboro mural project. An ongoing cultural art piece that works to display the modern beauty of Greensboro right alongside the past!

Where is the Entertainment in Greensboro NC?

Greensboro isn’t just museums and art though, there are plenty of places to visit if you’re looking for a thrill-seeking experience after your initial few days in Greensboro

Things to do in Greensboro With the Whole Family 

Wondering what to do in Greensboro while looking for fun with the kids? Be sure to stop by Safari Nation, Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe, Mad Splatter, or maybe participate in one of the many famous Greensboro scavenger hunts! These family-friendly activities will have the whole family smiling and laughing together! Greensboro is a family-friendly city at heart and offers many activities for families looking to spend some quality time together.

Things to do in Greensboro NC for Adults

Now if you’re looking for fun things to do in Greensboro NC when it’s just adults involved, do not worry! Greensboro offers an amazing variety of breweries, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and shows in and around the downtown area that sure to provide great times to all of our new neighbors! This may be a city for families, but parents are part of that family too!

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