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What to Do the Month Before You Move

There is only one month before you move to your new home in Greensboro, North Carolina. You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have left. Thankfully our dedicated Greensboro movers have created a list of things to do the month before you move. Check out these tips if you are stuck and unsure of what you need to get done in the next four weeks.

Disconnect Your Utilities at Your Old House

One of the most important things to do the month before you move is to schedule a disconnect of your utilities at your old house. You must call ahead of time to disconnect your old house and reconnect them to your new home. These services may include gas, electricity, water, phone, internet, cable, and other TV services. It’s also vital you notify your maintenance services like house cleaning, lawn mowing or pool cleaner to cease these services. The last thing you need is to lose power and water the day you move.

Figure Out Your Travel Arrangements

According to our Greensboro long-distance movers, you need to finalize all of your travel arrangements at least a month before you move. Confirm all flights and/or hotels you may need for yourself and your family members. It’s important to ensure you have all of your travel documents in place before the big day. If you are traveling with pets, this is the time to guarantee you have all of their paperwork in place.

Change Your Address on All Documentation

The month before you move, you should change your address with institutions such as the bank and the post office as well as online retailers with your old address on file. Call your local newspaper and magazine subscriptions to change your address and have these items delivered to your new home. It’s also vital you complete an IRS change of address form to avoid any future issues. You can also call the local post office to change your mailing address and have all mail forwarded to the new place.

Finish Packing Your Belongings

Don’t wait until the last minute to finish packing your belongings! By now, you should have started going through each room in your home and deciding which items you are keeping or donating to a new home. Organize your belongings by room to make it easier on your movers and to keep track of all items. Make sure you break down any outdoor furniture and items that require extra time to dismantle. Double-check areas you may overlook to guarantee you are staying organized and not leaving anything behind.

Book Your Greensboro Moving Company

The month before you move is the best time to book your Greensboro moving company. Reserve your dedicated movers and purchase your Greensboro packing supplies in the next four weeks. Our residential Greensboro movers can handle any move, no matter how big or small. Call our dedicated team today to learn more about moving resources.