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Tips for Moving in the Newport News Rain

Now that you’ve decided to move to Newport News, it’s time to get everything organized for the upcoming move to your new home. You’re most likely prioritizing relocation tasks, such as closing on the new home, changing your address on important documents, scheduling a home security installation in your new home, and so on. With the big day just days away, you double-check the weather forecast to only find there will be a high chance of precipitation. Though you may feel like the rain throws a wrench in your plans, it does not. Our Newport News movers can simplify moving in the rain and help you tackle the unfortunate.

Go Plastic or Stay Home

Usually, we wouldn’t recommend using plastic over paper for the sake of the environment; however, for weather purposes, finish your packing with plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. When moisture comes in contact with cardboard it renders your box to be unsupportive, putting the contents inside at risk of damage. With plastic storage bins, not only will your valuables remain dry inside, but you can also reuse the bins as storage in your new home once they’re unpacked.

If finding waterproof packing materials is too time-consuming, you can always opt for our Newport News packing services as an alternative. With bad weather in mind, our Virginia movers can help waterproof your belongings to ensure they arrive at the new home safe and sound.

Reduce Distance

When hauling packed bins and furniture to the moving truck, it’s important to make sure you shorten the distance in between your belongings and the front door. Not doing so puts you at high risk of slips and falls from moisture tracked inside. If you have a garage, that’s even better as you have even less of a distance to travel when loading the moving truck.

Lay Down Cardboard

If you want to make use of any cardboard you have in your possession instead of packing, lay down pieces of it on the pathway from the front door to the back of the moving truck. This will help reduce your chances of slipping while carrying storage bins and furniture to the back of the truck.

Moving with the Pros in Relocation

Moving in the rain can be quite the struggle, so make it easier on yourself by hiring our Newport News movers. Being one of the best long-distance moving companies in town, we provide an array of relocation services that can withstand any type of weather. Call us today for your free, no obligation moving quote.