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Newport News is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia and one of the state’s most populated cities. This area boasts the city life and the quaintness of a coastal town, and our Newport News movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are eager to help get you there! “Newport News” first appeared as the city name in 1619 in Virginia Company records, making it one of the oldest names for a town in the New World.

Word has it that the town was named after Captain Christopher Newport, the commander of the Susan Constant, which landed in Jamestown in 1607. Captain Newport made many voyages to the colony in Jamestown, bringing supplies and “good news.” Since he was the bearer of both good news and supplies to help the colony sustain itself, and his last name was Newport, his nickname Newport News is rumored to be the reason for the city’s name itself. So, if you are searching for moving companies in Newport News, VA, look no further than our professional moving company! We are ready to provide a stress-free moving experience in Virginia.

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Moving and Storage Services Near Me in Newport News

Having spent more than 30 years moving families and businesses across the United States, we know what our clients expect from a top-quality moving company. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our team works with property owners, tenants, and businesses to deliver a full-service moving experience. Here are some of our most popular moving services.

Local Movers Serving Newport News and the Surrounding Areas

If you are moving to Newport News, let All My Sons Moving & Storage help make the process simple and stress-free. Our local movers in Newport News can move your residence with ease! With over thirty years of moving experience, we’ve developed ways to pack and move even the most difficult of possessions while keeping them safe and secure. Our fully licensed and insured moving professionals will provide you with a personalized moving plan that fits your moving needs!

Trusted Long-Distance Movers

Moving to a new location takes careful planning and preparation. We understand that moving means not just transporting some boxes filled with clothes and kitchen equipment but moving your whole life from one location to the next. Your life is packed into those boxes, and that is a duty that we take very seriously here at All My Sons Moving & Storage. You won’t have to lift a finger; our Newport News long-distance movers will care for all your moving needs, so you don’t have to! We want to help start your new journey in Virginia off on the right foot.

A scenic view in Newport News, Virginia.

First-Class Corporation Relocation Movers in Newport News

Perhaps you need to move your office space or business? Then hire our reliable corporate relocation specialists. They can do the job on time and with minimal disruptions to your business’s day-to-day routine. Our commercial moving services include scheduling your move and performing the move according to your company’s timeline. We’ll conduct packing meetings with your assigned packers and labelers to ensure your office’s equipment is moved seamlessly. We will also confirm that employees and outside vendors are prepared for the move, and we’ll work with any property management sites and obtain any necessary permits. No move is too big or too small for our Newport News commercial movers!

If you are moving to Newport News and you have specialty items, it might be challenging to move on your own. All you need to do is ask, and we can transport it. Dreading the thought of having to pack? Who doesn’t? Luckily, as we are a full-service moving company, our Newport News movers offer packing services and packing supplies to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible. If you would like us to disassemble, pack, and reassemble your items at your new home or office, simply tell us, and we will ensure to include it in your quote!

Main Benefits of Working With Our Newport News Moving Company

Our professional movers have worked with countless families and businesses in the surrounding areas. We are focused on delivering the best experience for our clients, including the following benefits and more.

  • Customer-focused solutions – We develop a moving plan to fit your specific needs – whether you’re a residential or business client – and stay in close contact from start to finish.

  • Affordable and accurate quotes – Clients can get a free quote that covers every part of the move, including packing, loading, and transportation.

  • Licensed and insured team – We are fully licensed and insured so our customers can relax, knowing they’re in good hands.

  • Safe working practices – We adhere to best safety practices to ensure the protection of our workers and your belongings.

  • Dependable planning and moving service – Our experience in moving clients across the United States means we know how to create a solid plan and hold to it.

  • High-quality equipment – We use top-quality, well-maintained moving equipment to safely and efficiently transport your possessions.

The state flag of Virginia.

Can You Rent Furniture?

It is possible to rent furniture if your situation calls for it. Furniture rental companies offer a range of options, from basic pieces such as sofas and chairs to oversized items like beds and dining tables for temporary use. This can be useful for people who are frequently moving, those who are on a temporary assignment, or those who are in transitional living situations. Furniture rental companies typically offer flexible rental periods, and some may even offer the option to purchase the furniture once the rental period has ended. Additionally, renting furniture can be more cost-effective than purchasing new furniture. It is important to note that rental fees can vary depending on the type of furniture, the rental duration, and the location. It is also important to read and understand the rental agreement before committing to any rental contract.

Is Moving Tax Deductible?

In general, the cost of moving is tax deductible if you are moving for work-related reasons. However, there are certain requirements and limitations that must be met in order to claim moving expenses as a tax deduction. To qualify for the moving expense deduction, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The move must be closely related to the start of work. This means that you must be moving to a new location for a job or to start a new job.

  2. The distance between your new job location and your old home must be at least 50 miles greater than the distance between your old job location and your old home.

  3. You must work full-time for at least 39 weeks during the first 12 months after you arrive in the general area of your new job location. If you are self-employed, you must work full-time for at least 78 weeks during the first 24 months after you arrive in the general area of your new job location.

If you meet these criteria, you may be able to deduct the costs of moving yourself, your family, and your belongings, as well as any storage and transportation expenses. However, there are limits on the number of moving expenses that can be deducted, and you must itemize your deductions on your tax return to claim the moving expense deduction. It is always a good idea to consult a tax professional or refer to IRS guidelines for more specific information regarding moving expenses and tax deductions.

Do Moving Companies Move in the Rain?

Most moving companies will move in the rain or other inclement weather conditions. However, it is essential to keep in mind that moving in the rain can present additional challenges and considerations that may affect the moving process. Rain can make surfaces slippery and increase the risk of accidents while loading and unloading items from the moving truck. Additionally, if they are not adequately protected during the move, rain can damage various items, particularly those made of wood or electronics. Therefore, it is vital to take extra precautions to protect your belongings and ensure the safety of everyone involved in the move.

Professional movers typically come prepared with equipment such as tarps, plastic covers, and padding to protect your furniture and belongings from rain and moisture. They may also take additional precautions, such as covering floors and entryways with mats or plastic to prevent slipping and minimizing dirt and mud tracked into the home. If you are concerned about the weather affecting your move, it is a good idea to communicate with your moving company beforehand to discuss their policies and procedures for moving in inclement weather. This will allow you to be better prepared and make any necessary arrangements to protect your belongings and ensure a safe, smooth move.

Professional Residential and Commercial Movers in Newport News

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a leading provider of residential and corporate moves in Newport News. We help clients with local and long-distance relocations throughout the United States. We have been moving families in Newport News and across the country for more than 30 years. Our Newport News moving company knows everything there is to know about relocating to this growing region. So don’t let your move begin with a stressful experience. To discuss your next move, call (804) 409-9896 or request a free moving quote so we can get you moving with the best team in Newport News!


A scenic view in Newport News, Virginia.

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