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Who to Notify When Moving to Omaha

Who to Notify When Moving to Omaha

Now that you are moving to Omaha, this is the time to notify service providers, government agencies, schools, businesses that you are moving and changing addresses. You do not want to disrupt the flow of birthday cards, paper bills, checks, magazines and important documents. Omaha movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have generously compiled a list of everyone you should notify when moving to Omaha.

Family and Friends

Be sure to notify your friends and family as early as possible. If anyone is going to be affected by your move, be courteous and give them enough time to settle the news. You should also give them your new address so they can send mail to your new house.

Current Employer

If you are not being relocated to Omaha for your job, it is important to notify your current employer with enough notice that you are leaving. You should do this as early as a month’s advanced notice. Your old boss will also need your new address so he or she can send out your important tax documents at the end of the year.

Postal Service

You should fill out a change of address request form at your local post office. This ensures that all mail will be forwarded to your new address.


To prevent late payments of any sort of utilities bill, give them your updated address.


Even if you are not moving out of state when moving to Omaha, you are going to need to change the address on your driver’s license. You also want to update your vehicle’s insurance and registration. Depending on the state, you usually have about 10-30 days to complete this.

Government Agencies

There are a few government agencies that need to be notified that you are moving. The Social Security Administration, electoral register and other agencies that are relevant to you should be notified.


The Internal Revenue Service requires you to print out and mail in the IRS’ Change of Address form after your relocation. This ensures you will receive your tax return, fiscal notes and other important documents.

Subscription Services

Any sports, professional or social club you are involved with should be updated with your new address. The same goes for any magazine or newspaper services you want to continue receiving when you move to Omaha.

Medical and Educational Facilities

After moving to Omaha, you are going to have to find a new physician, transfer all medical records, prescription medicines and if you have children, you are going to enroll them in a new school. All of these facilities should be notified that you are moving to Omaha.

Alma Mater

If you are a committed alumnus of your alma mater, you should notify them of your address change, so you can stay involved with all things happening.

Keep this list in mind when preparing to move, and contact us today for a free quote on Omaha moving services