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When and How to Tip Your Moving Company

If you decide to hire a professional moving company for your move to Nashville, you will save yourself from lots of stress and strenuous work. Ultimately, you are trusting these movers with your most valuable possessions and you are paying for the service of safely transporting these items to your new home. When it comes to tipping your movers after the job is completed, it is completely up to you on how much money you should reward the movers with. The moving experts from All My Sons Moving & Storage believe that a tip should only be given if the move was executed efficiently and if the service was above and beyond your expectations. Tips are based on performance, and you should decide the amount based on your level of satisfaction throughout the entire moving experience. Our Nashville movers share with you when and how to tip your moving company.


Tip Based on Performance


If you feel that your moving crew was helpful, efficient, and professional, a fair tip can be given out when the move is completed to portray your satisfaction. Did the movers arrive on time and listen to your moving requests? It’s important to realize that it’s not required to tip your moving company, however any amount of money or providing the crew with lunch and cold beverages will show your appreciation for a job well done. It’s also important to note that there is a difference with the moving consultants you work with before moving day than the moving crew who will be performing the heavy lifting. Even if you experience bad service through your moving consultant, you should separate this with the crew because they are the professionals who will be receiving the tip.


Moving Tip Considerations


Consider the amount of work and effort that needs to go in to a successful move. Do you have staircases and bulky furniture that can make your move longer and harder? Adding more money to the tip for a longer and more complicated move will show your gratitude for the hard work that was performed. Make sure that you have cash on you during moving day as most moving companies will only allow you to tip in cash. While every moving experience is different, the standard amount to tip your movers after the job is completed is $4/per hour/per mover. Of course, this is up to your discretion, but if you have no idea what the appropriate amount is, you can follow this guideline. Most likely you will have a crew of two or three people and if you are pleased with each of their efforts, they should be rewarded.


All My Sons Moving & Storage prides itself in providing excellent service and customer satisfaction, and our team of movers knows exactly what it takes to ensure a smooth moving experience. For more information on the packing and moving services we offer, contact our Nashville movers today. We can handle your entire move!