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Packing Supplies for Long-Distance Moving to Nashville

Ensure the safety of your belongings during your move.

Regardless of how far you plan to move, you’ll want your belongings to be protected in transit. Packing your items properly is important precisely because it ensures that they will arrive at your new home without any damage.

High-quality packing services and supplies are even more important for long-distance moving. A longer moving distance presents more potential dangers for your belongings.

At our Tennessee moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage Tennessee, we offer both long-distance moving and top-quality packing services so that all your bases are covered. Our Tennessee movers list the best packing supplies for long-distance moving.



Boxes are one of the most essential packing supplies for long-distance moving. For long-distance moving, you want your boxes to be sturdy, so they can withstand many hours in transit. Even though reusing old boxes can be environmentally and budget friendly, its best to buy new boxes for a long-distance move. Dishes, glass bottles, and glassware should be packed in double wall cell boxes to prevent breakage. However, before you seal these boxes with strong duct tape, you should invest in additional packing supplies.


Padding & Wrapping

Placing something in a box does not provide enough protection for a lot of your belongings. Using packing supplies that are designed to provide padding or wrap around your items are just as essential as boxes. Create a protective layer around your items with bubble wrap for smaller items and quilt-pad wrapping for furniture. Finish it off by filling in the spaces between wrapped items with packing paper or packing peanuts.


Custom Crating

The standard packing supplies for long-distance moving listed above may not be enough for certain unique and extra-delicate items — that’s when custom crating comes in. Professional Tennessee movers know how to use wooden crates and other materials to securely pack these special pieces on-site. Items such as valuable artwork, large glass or marble pieces, and antique furniture may need to be crated to be safely transported long distances. All My Sons Tennessee, our Tennessee moving company, can do that for you with our wide-ranging packing services!