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How to Properly Lift a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are probably the most relaxing invention there is. What beats taking a nice warm soak after a long day of moving? Almost nothing. As great as hot tubs are, though, once the wintertime rolls around it’s time for anything that can’t survive the cold to come inside. If you have a hot tub in your backyard, draining or covering it will help with the water freezing, but moving it out of the elements is the best idea. Lean these tips for properly storing your hot tub from your local Nashville movers 


Lifting a Hot Tub for Moving or Storage 

Our Nashville movers know the importance of safe lifting practices when you’re moving any furniture or heavy items. Improperly lifting heavy items can lead to injuries, and can also make the process of moving more stressful than it already is. Therefore, we have put together a guide for the proper ways to lift and move your hot tub when it comes time for storing your hot tub.


When you’re moving and need to life heavy items like hot tubs, it is best to pay for the assistance of a moving company. Our Nashville residential movers are trained experts when it comes to lifting heavy furniture and appliances and they’re also experts in the proper safety protocols that are needed to lift without injury. Still, if you’re in a pinch on time and preparing to move your hot tub without help from pros, there are steps you can take to safely move it. If you’re planning on moving your hot tub yourself, here is how to do so safely. 


Get Your Moving Supplies Ready 
Make sure that you have all the necessary supplies to move your hot tub close by. You will want to have these items, and a few extra hands, handy before preparing to move your hot tub.  


- Two sturdy pieces of 2×4 wood 

- Two furniture dollies 

- Moving straps 


Get the Hot Tub Ready for Transport 
Once the necessary supplies are gathered, you will want to begin preparing your hot tub for a move. Since this part of storing your hot tub takes some time, it’s best to start the process the day before in order to have complete ability to move the tub. Start with disconnecting and draining the hot tub and making sure that the disconnected pieces are kept neatly together. You can label the bag the cords will be in to make reassembly easier. Be sure to wipe the tub down before storing it. 


Preparing to Lift Your Hot Tub 
1. Get your hot tub into the proper loading position. If your path to the moving truck is narrow, you will want to turn your hot tub on its side.  


2. Slide one of the 2x4s under the hot tub.  You’ll then want to lift one side of the hot tub just a few inches off the ground and slide the other 2×4 under it. Repeat this with the other side. The 2x 4’s will help to navigate the dollies under the hot tub and creates a flat surface for the hot tub to rest on. 


3. Lift your hot tub onto the dollies. Put a dolly next to each side of the hot tub under where the 2x4s are. One side at a time, slide the hot tub with the 2 x4s onto the flat side of the dolly. Make sure that the hot tub is secured to the dollies by using the moving straps. 


4. Wheel your hot tub to the moving truck. Be sure to move slowly with your hot tub to the moving truck to avoid any damage.  


5. Load your hot tub into the moving truck. Keeping the hot tub on the dollies, slowly push it up the ramp. If you can, leave it strapped to the dollies during transport, which will save you time when you’re unloading at your storage unit.  


All My Sons Moving & Storage offers affordable storage facilities in Nashville for your hot tub during the winter. Contact us today for more information.