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Neighborhoods in Memphis

When a city is located in the South, there is a certain preconceived notion that it is wholly religious, that everyone knows everyone and their mother, and that everyone is as conservative as the day is long. Thankfully, although this is the notion that most people have, the South is changing. More and more people are becoming educated and breaking free of the traditional Southern views, while still keeping much of the Southern tradition alive. Memphis is no exception to this. Located right smack dab in the middle of the South, Memphis is thriving with culturally diverse areas, multiple institutions of higher education, and locally owned, independent businesses. All while still having that Southern charm that is irresistible. There are many reasons we love living in Memphis.

In Memphis, there are some areas that are better to live in than others, as with any place in the country. One of the most raved about neighborhoods is Midtown, which is located about ten minutes east of downtown. It is known for being culturally diverse, along with being trendy. It’s full of locally owned and operated restaurants, bars, and coffee houses. Along with its independent local music scene, Midtown is home to quite the epicenter of awesome.

East Memphis is also one of the better neighborhoods. It is loaded to the brim with offices, retail and services businesses, and churches. Not to mention the plethora of homes that are all throughout the area. There is an abundance of shopping as there are shopping centers, malls, and storefronts. The Memphis Botanic Gardens are located here, along with annual events like The Italian Festival, Live at the Garden, and local farmer’s markets. There are both older and newer homes, along with apartments.

The area of Hickory Ridge-South Riverdale is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Memphis. It has one of the highest high school graduation rates in Memphis, and more than one in four adults have their bachelor’s degree or higher. It has a majority of family households with both husband and wife present, and the average income is higher than that of the country. Overall, a good family friendly neighborhood.

With Memphis being a city that is defying the traditional definition of a Southern city, there are so many things that it is doing right. The median household value is lower than that of the state of Tennessee, 83.4% of the population has a high school diploma, and the unemployment rate is 7%. Memphis is doing pretty well for itself, and it’s clear to see why. The Bluff City has the things that people want, and the numbers reflect that.