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Things You Need but Always Forget on Moving Day

Hauling all of your possessions to your new home can bring a lot of responsibility, and there’s a ton of things you need to pay attention to in order to bring the greatest success to your move to Melbourne, FL. What’s most ironic when going through the moving process, is that most people forget all about the absolute essentials. By essentials, we mean the most basic things you want to have on hand during the very first few days within moving into your new home. The Florida movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, a reputable Melbourne moving company, have compiled a list of the most important moving essentials and the most common things you forget on moving day.

Your move to Melbourne can work up quite the thirst! Make sure you have plenty of bottled water, or at least a filtration system so you can keep quenched.

For drinking the water you won’t forget!

Paper Plates and Disposable Utensils
To avoid making more clutter in the kitchen, paper plates and disposable utensils are going to be handier than unpacking your kitchen boxes, using your china, then placing it in the sink to be cleaned.

Dried Snacks
Nuts, fruits, chips, and other dried snacks that don’t require utensils are essential for the first few days of moving. Picking at snacks can help you stay energized.

Napkins and/or Paper Towels
Out of all the things you forget on moving day, forgetting napkins or paper towels is one the worst! Make sure you remember any other cleaning supplies you may need.

Toilet Paper
Your most important moving essential right here – and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

When moving to a new home, you’ll want to pack a bag like you’re going out of town for the weekend, with a couple more essentials included. The following are the most coming things you forget on moving day that you’ll most definitely need if you want to sleep there the first night:

If you’re easy going, pillows and blankets will suffice. You can sleep on your couch if your bed isn’t at your new place, or you can sleep on your mattress on the floor if your frame hasn’t arrived just yet.

Just in case you need a bit of help navigating around your house at night.

Shower Towels
At least one per person, you should definitely bring towels to bathe. You should also remember hand towels for the bathrooms.

Of course, there are other essentials and some things you may forget on moving day, such as a broom, rags, your vacuum cleaner, light bulbs, flashlights, chargers, etc. However, the items listed above are a few of the most important household items you’ll need when you move to Melbourne, FL, or any other new home.