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The Ultimate Packing List

There’s one big thing that makes a successful move, and that’s proper planning. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Melbourne, we’re here to help make your move an easy one! Our Melbourne movers offer residential, commercial, corporate, and auto moving services to keep your move running smoothly. Our ultimate packing list includes timeline recommendations for smooth moving in Melbourne. We offer moving services around Melbourne, throughout the state, and throughout the country. Contact our Melbourne movers today to learn more.

Four Weeks Before the Move

The month before you move is the perfect time to start on your packing. This way, you can pack at a more leisurely pace. Consider packing less frequently used items, including clothing that’s out of season and sporting equipment. Items that are stored in the attic or garage are ideal to pack earlier on. Now is the time to take any valuables, such as jewelry, and place them in a safe space. If you’re moving locally, you can place these items in a safety deposit box, or make sure they’re packed somewhere safe for you to personally move on moving day. We offer the best supplies to make moving in Melbourne an easy job.

Three Weeks Before the Move

Three weeks before moving in Melbourne, make sure to start packing up more items. Consider packing less frequently worn clothing, linens, or kitchen items. For example, if it’s cooler out and you know you won’t be grilling, pack up those BBQ supplies. Just remember to pack items you don’t use daily, otherwise you may have a tough time.

Two Weeks Before the Move

Now is the time to get serious about packing. If you haven’t packed your décor or paintings, make sure you begin safely packing these items at this time. Pack books, video games, and items you may use less frequently. Need help wrapping fragile items for moving day? Our movers offer Melbourne relocation services that include optional packing assistance. We can help ensure that fragile items are safely packed for your upcoming move.

The Week of the Move

The week before your move is crucial for finishing up your packing. Now is the time to pack more frequently used items, such as clothing and kitchen items. This is also the perfect time to disassemble any furniture that may need to be broken down before moving. Our movers also offer Melbourne relocation services, in which we can help you break down and reassemble furniture for your move. Make sure you’re fully packed on moving day so your move can be as quick as possible.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage Melbourne, we offer dedicated services to help make moving in Florida easy. We provide packing, unpacking, disassembly, reassembly, and other services. Whether you’re moving local or long distance, our Melbourne movers are here to help. Call us today for your free, no obligation moving quote!