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Spring Cleaning Before Moving

Moving can be tedious if you don’t plan things properly. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Melbourne, we offer quality moving services, including packing assistance. In our years of experience as the most trusted Melbourne full service movers, we’ve learned a couple things about moving. One of the most important things is to only pack what you need to for your upcoming move. Make sure that you get rid of unwanted items before moving day so you’re only packing the most important things. Here are some tips for spring cleaning before an upcoming move.

Start Early

The earlier you start getting ready for your upcoming move, the better. Start going through your items at least a few weeks before your move, this way you’re sure that everything is properly combed through. The earlier in advance you start your pre-move spring cleaning, the easier it will be. We suggest starting at least 2 months before your move so you have plenty of time.

Get Organized

Everyone should work through some serious spring cleaning before their upcoming move. When you’re sorting through items, make three sections. The first section should be things that you’re going to keep. The second will be things that you will sell, and the third will be items that you’re going to donate before your move. 

Be Realistic

When cleaning before your upcoming move, it’s important to be realistic and honest with yourself. Don’t hold onto items that you won’t use, they’ll just be a hassle for your move. If you haven’t worn a clothing item in the past year, you likely are never going to wear it again. So, don’t burden yourself with moving items that you won’t use. Many people use the method developed by Marie Konodo, writer of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She encourages people to go item by item and ask themselves if those items bring them joy. They get rid of the ones that do not. This can be a great way to declutter before a big move.

Have a Garage Sale

A garage sale is a wonderful way to make some extra money before your move. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of getting rid of many unwanted items before it’s time to move. Many people also choose to sell unwanted furniture or other items on Craigslist or apps like Offer Up. These can all be effective ways of decluttering before a move.

Do Some Good with Donations

If you’re looking to discard unwanted items quickly before your move, consider donating them. There are many charities and religious organizations that are happy to take unwanted items. Even things such as stained clothing can be donated to animal shelters to be used as bedding.

Call the Professionals

Planning a move? Let our Melbourne full service movers help. We offer a complete array of moving services. With our Melbourne packing services, you can rest easy knowing that everything is properly packed for your upcoming move. Looking for more tips on how to clear the clutter for your upcoming move? Need help packing? Call our movers today!