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Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Moving to a new home takes a lot of time, and effort and preparation is key for a successful move. You may decide to hire a professional moving company to handle the entire process and you’ll save yourself from a lot of stress and headaches if you take this route. Before the moving process begins, you should ask your movers certain questions so that there will be no surprises along the way. Moving can get expensive, and effective communication between you and a moving company is crucial for a positive experience. The Melbourne movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to share with you the important questions you should ask your moving company.

Is your moving quote binding?

The initial interaction with a moving company may include a moving quote that’s not necessarily binding. You should ask the consultants if the quote they’re giving you is binding or non-binding. After a review and in-person inspection, a binding quote should be given out that doesn’t exceed the price after the move is completed.

What costs are included in the moving quote?

When you receive your moving quote, it’s so important that you understand all costs that are included. There can be hidden fees, and you should be upfront with your moving company. Ask them to explain each cost. Transparency is key during a move, and the last thing you want is to receive the final bill that is way more expensive than you originally had planned. Some of the extra costs a moving company can hit you with are flight costs, fuel costs, and long haul charges, to name a few. Our Melbourne movers suggest that you perform research on the different costs associated with moving so you can get a feel for the common moving terms.

What will happen if items become damaged?

This is a very important question that you should ask, because you want to become aware of the moving company’s policy when it comes to damaged and broken items. Does this moving company provide insurance? There should be some coverage for your items because unfortunately, accidents happen, and even the most durable packing supplies won’t be able to keep your precious items safe in extreme cases. Find out if you will get reimbursed for damaged items.

What kind of moving equipment does your team have?

Find out what packing supplies and materials will be used during your move so that you will feel secure about all your items. A great moving company should provide the right size moving truck with adequate dollies to ensure an efficient move. Your move may require specific gear that is unique to your needs, and the professionals should be able to quickly adapt.

Before you decide on the moving company you wish to hire, ask these crucial questions to get a feel for how the process will go, especially if you’ve never hired movers before. The Melbourne movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage can handle your entire move with efficiency and great service.