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Florida Movers Tips: What to Pack and What to Get Rid Of

Moving to Melbourne made easy.

Moving to a new home is actually a great opportunity to get rid of the clutter that has accumulated. Packing up your stuff and moving isn’t cheap, and the more things you have to put in the moving truck, the higher your moving costs will be.

That’s why if you are moving to Melbourne, the packing process is the perfect time to separate the things you should pack from the things you should get rid of. Here are some tips for Florida movers on what to pack and what to toss.


1. Organize Your Stuff Into Three Categories

Before moving to Melbourne, declutter your home by separating your belongings, particularly your small to mid-sized items, into three categories.

“To be discarded” — For items that are damaged or worn out, things you don’t use or won’t use.

“To be sold, donated, or given away” — For items that you don’t use, or won’t use at your new location. Also, for items that it are more cost-effective to leave behind.

“To be packed for moving” — For items that you will take to you new location.


2. Get Rid of Things You Rarely Use

Everyone has stuff like this — items that they bought or were given to them that they ended up not using. Either these belongings have become outdated or you just never took a shining to them, if they are just sitting collecting dust in your old home, they’ll be doing the same in your new one. So, its best to either sell them, donate them, give them to someone who would appreciate them, or just toss them.

Things that often fit this description are kitchen appliances, DVD and CD cases, and books you don’t really love or want anymore. Also, consider getting rid of things that you may have used in your old home, but will no longer need in your new home. For instance, if you are moving to Melbourne from place with a colder climate, you should consider discarding or giving away some of your bulky winter clothes.


3. Consider Leaving Inexpensive Items Behind

For a lot of things, it will be cheaper for you to leave them behind during your move and buy them again brand-new once you arrive at your new home. Things like food, bath essentials, and inexpensive cosmetics are obvious choices.

However, large items can also be cheaper to leave behind. Low-cost furniture, particularly those made from particle board, are prone to damage during a move. Since they are cheap, mass-produced and can be found in store locations in every state, buying new may be the way to go.