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Do Movers Move in Rain?

The short answer is yes. As long as the Melbourne movers feel they can do so safely, they will continue your move in the rain. If it is raining cats and dogs and shows no signs of stopping, then you may want to postpone your move with your Melbourne moving company if possible. While we do not have to worry about snow in the Sunshine State, if a hurricane is here, your move will most likely be postponed by your Melbourne movers. It is important to watch the weather and communicate with your Melbourne moving company in case your schedules allow changing the day in advance.  At All My Sons Moving & Storage Melbourne, we have experience with moving in bad weather, but they are some things you can do to prepare for your move.


Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Your Melbourne full-service movers should put blankets, carpet protectors, and moving pads down on the floor to protect it and make the move safer. Wet floors can be slippery and dangerous for your movers in Melbourne carrying heavy loads. You may want to consider pulling out some towels for the movers to occasionally wipe themselves down with. If you decide not to hire Melbourne relocation services, you will still want to lay something down to avoid moving accidents or injuries.

If it is supposed to rain all day, it may be worth setting up a pop-up tent if you have one. You could also ask a neighbor to borrow theirs. Keep in mind that if the bad weather includes strong winds, you will want to ensure the tent is secure or scrap it and discontinue moving until the wind slows down.

Have shrink wrap, tarps, and trash bags available to protect your belongings from getting wet if the rain gets too heavy. You can even use an umbrella for certain special items. Melbourne full-service movers will be able to wrap your belongings, but there is no guarantee they will stay completely dry. Try to move those items that are waterproof during the heaviest rain and wipe them down once they are in the truck.

When it comes to moving your electronics, proceed with caution. Wait for the rain to be at its lightest if possible. Make sure they are properly wrapped and keep them in the car with you instead of the van where some items could be damp.

Park the truck as close to your house as possible (but not in the mud) to limit the amount of time your items are outside. Also consider having people dedicated to certain areas. You could have those working inside move your items close to the front entrance, so people do not need to trek through your home with wet feet.

Wear the proper clothes. Waterproof clothes are a must. Try waterproof boots, ponchos, and rain jackets. Avoid wearing jeans that take forever to dry.

If you are moving in bad weather, you will be happy that you hired full-service movers like All My Sons Moving & Storage Melbourne. Our Melbourne movers have experience moving in the rain and will do our best to ensure a safe move.