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Binding Vs. Non-Binding Moving Estimates

In the battle between the binding and the non-binding moving estimates, who will win?

Money—so much in life revolves around this, including moving. Your cost of moving may be one of the first things on your mind when considering the process of packing up your life. Since it’s so important to you, you should know the basics of binding estimates as opposed to non-binding estimates.

Your Florida moving company has laid out the bare facts for you, so that you can determine which kind of agreement you’ll want to enter into during your move.


Binding Estimates

Exact and guaranteed, binding estimates are accurate projections of your cost of moving that you can count on. In most cases, this number will remain the same before and after your move. Many individuals’ moving nightmares include finally getting that last box unloaded from the storage truck to get the bill and see that it has increased dramatically. With a binding estimate, you can check that worry off of your list of things to be anxious about.

Considering this, the cost projection only covers what you asked for initially in your contract. If you decide to change something up mid-move, the company has the right to waive their initial price and adjust it to accommodate the changes. Even so, if the weight of your items is greater than expected, you will not be charged extra. Nothing changed; the weight estimate was just inaccurate.

Additionally, binding estimates account for all services included in the moving process. For instance, if you decided to pay for the premier Melbourne packing services, you will be charged in the initial estimate and will receive the paid for quilt-pad wrapping to protect your belongings during your move.


Non-Binding Estimates

Much more common are non-binding estimates, which are inexact projections of your cost of moving. These estimates are not guaranteed and can vary before and after you make your move. While this is true, the non-binding estimate is typically accurate or at least pretty close to your final total. Additionally, your moving company cannot charge you more than the expected price plus 10% at the time of your move. The remaining amount can be paid within 30 days after moving day. If things increase exponentially, you won’t have to worry about coughing up a ton of money right after your chaotic move.

Another important aspect of non-binding estimates is that they are ultimately determined by the weight of your moved belongings and the packing materials supplied. If you end up bringing less than expected or using fewer Melbourne packing services than you thought, then you can be charged even less than your first estimate. Considering this, non-binding estimates can work out positively, too. In short, your cost of moving is fluid and can be increased or decreased depending upon the final product of your move.


This can be a lot at once. Just remember that there are pros and cons to both types of estimates; the best one for you depends upon your specific situation. Don’t rule out either one. If you have more questions or want to get a moving quote, your All My Sons Florida moving company can assist you. Join the family today!