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Redecorating in the New Year 2020

In some countries, it’s customary to change up the inside of your home for the holidays or the new year. Changing the colors of your walls or the way your room is laid out seems so small, but it can impact your mood and mental state. If you’re not moving but want to give a room or two in your house a makeover, the end of the year is a perfect time. The end of a decade means new changes are on the horizon! Why not start the new year with a fresh new look to your home? If you are thinking of redecorating for the New Year, here are some tips from your local Massachusetts movers.

Redecorating Your Bedroom

If you are looking to change things up by redecorating in the New Year but don’t want to go over budget, our Massachusetts residential movers suggest you start with your bedroom. This is always a fun project to take on because there are so many unique ways to change the atmosphere of your room.

Here are some things to remember when redecorating your bedroom.

1. Make sure you pick a subtle color for your walls.

2. Keep your bedroom ideas simple.

3. Make sure the furniture in your room is the right size.

4. Make sure you have places to store your belongings.

5. You can never go wrong with buying nice sheets.

6. Window curtains make a great accent.

7. Different shades of light give your room different feels throughout the day.

8. Remember, your room is an oasis, decorate it to feel like a place of escape.

Redecorating Your Living Room

Sometimes it’s not your bedroom that needs changing up, but your living room instead. It’s one of the most important rooms in your home because its where you entertain your guests. If you’re looking into redecorating in the New Year and want to change up the vibe of your living room, check out these tips from Massachusetts movers for some ideas.

1.Know how to arrange your furniture
Try not to arrange all your furniture against the walls in your living room when redecorating. To make your living room stand out, you can try adding a focal point. Focus on the center of the room with a large area rug or table with a centerpiece. Around that focal point, you can set up conversation areas and create a flow for movement around the room.

2. Proper placement of area rugs
As mentioned above, area rugs make great accent pieces in a room. However, if you place them improperly then they look awkward. You’ll want to make sure the area rug you’re planning to buy is the right size for the room it’s going into. Once you know the size of the rug, make sure that all the furniture in the room is on top of the rug and that there are about 10-20 inches of floor between the rug’s edges and the walls of the room.

3. Get some new art
Hanging things on the wall is a great way to pull a room together. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive works of art to make your walls look nice. Try printing some fun family photos or get some decorative shelves to fill the spaces on your wall.

4. Lighting makes a difference
Choosing the proper lighting for your room will help with the ambiance throughout the day. When choosing the right light for your living room, remember that there are three types of lighting: ambient, task and accent lighting.

5. Choosing the colors of your room
The hardest part of redecorating is choosing the perfect colors for your walls. It’s best not to start with the paint color because then it becomes harder to choose everything else. When redecorating in the New Year, choose your most expensive pieces first and your paint color last. Everything will eventually come together.

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