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Foreclosures and Evictions Postponed After the Holidays

So that’s the silver lining. You still might have to go through the foreclosure process but at least you’ll get to enjoy the holidays in your home. The local Maryland movers found out that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae will suspend foreclosure evictions involving occupied single-family homes and 2 to 4 unit real estate properties financed with their mortgages. This suspension will take place as of December 19th to January 2nd. Legal and administrative proceedings for evictions will still continue but not in foreclosure situations. This will help families at least during the warm holiday season which is already typically stressful with plenty to do, buy and entertaining. Instead families can enjoy their time together and create memories before facing a harsh reality that many Americans face today.

In terms of mortgage lenders, there are a few different regulations. The Maryland moving specialists found out Wells Fargo will be suspending evictions from December 19th to January 2nd as well. They told the media they will not physically evict or do lockouts on foreclosed properties that they own. Bank of America said that for loans they own and service for investors, they have a set of regulations avoid foreclosures and displacement of homeowners. Bank of America also instructed their foreclosure attorneys and trustees to not schedule any foreclosure sales, evictions or lockouts during the holidays. JPMorgan Chase and Ally Financial also offered a similar alternative.

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