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Additional Useful Moving Apps in 2019

Sometimes during a move, we need a little extra help, whether it’s from a moving company or from our smartphones. Technological advances have made it easy for people to get the help they need when they need it in the palm of their hand. These are some of the most useful moving apps in 2019 according to our expert Las Vegas movers.



One of the most useful moving apps in 2019 to help you stay organized and set reminders is Wunderlist. It’s easy to set reminders, write down notes, and allows you to share your list with friends and family so you can plan for anything. Wunderlist is available across multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, and desktop. You can access this app from your Mac, IOS, Android, and even a Kindle.1



Get rid of the unwanted items in your home through LetGo. This useful moving app in 2019 is great if you want to sell gently used items to people in your area. The app is best used if you are trying to declutter your house before your moving day.2


Home Inventory

Never lose your treasured heirlooms, electronic cables, or your tools when you are using Home Inventory, a very useful moving app in 2019 to manage everything from one place, Home Inventory helps users keep track of items and even stores information regarding model and serial numbers, purchase date, and the amount you paid for the item. Avoid the hassle of dealing with spreadsheets and written lists. You can now sync and backup your information in order to share it with movers, family, or insurance agents.3


Moving Van

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that you can use to know what each moving box contains well, there is! Moving Van is an app that allows the users to take photos of the contents in the moving boxes. Stay organized and up to date, writing notes in the app and referring to it when it’s time to start unpacking. This app is great to help users keep things in order and will help movers know where things go.4


Hire a Professional Moving Company

If you’ve thought about it and realized moving on your own is too much to handle, even with the help of these very useful moving apps in 2019, let our Las Vegas moving company manage any or all aspects of the moving process for you. The Las Vegas local movers and the Las Vegas long-distance movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage are equipped to handle all kinds of moves no matter the size or the distance. One of our moving coordinators will assess your moving needs, create a moving strategy, and offer a free, no-obligation estimate. While these moving apps are helpful when it comes to doing a move on your own, our expert professionals are dedicated to delivering an exceptional moving experience. Call today to speak to one of our friendly moving consultants and let us plan your next move!




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